Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New meaning of life

The title says it all. Life has lots of meanings, lots of faces and most importantly lots of souls. The way you see it makes it difference. I just saw it from another angle. From the beautiful side of the deaf children, from their heart, their laugh and their joy.

I came up with this quote today:
"It is such a beauty to connect with other people, try to understand them and embrace them within you... even if they have a different handicap then you. Bring yourself to their life, learn from them, as some of their meaning of life might flip out yours...- RH"

Today has passed like a blink of an eye. Arriving to Jordan after a two hour delay from Montreal, finding very nice Jordanian driver, who brought his wife and child and waited for me for almost 2 hours to drive me to Salt, the area I will be staying in for the period of 2 weeks, specifically to the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf.

On the way we stopped for a quick bite at a food street restaurant, who serves hummus, foul and balila, being away from home, you can not always ask for raw food, so vegan tasted perfectly well, specially when it comes to traditional Jordanian breakfast. They were so kind to invite me, and making me feel at home.

Arriving to Salt, the school staff welcomed me with an open heart, had my room arranged, then rested for couple of hours after this long flight.

Later, had a perfectly well guided tour in the school, the Audiology department, the offices, the kitchen where we all get together for the meals, the classes, the main school staff offices. Everybody was welcoming, even the kids, feeling so hard that I don't know their sign language, they were extremely happy to great me with their own way, with their warm beautiful smile, and gesture.

I have thought about learning the sign language before I arrive here, but did you know that this language is not universal, and that every country, continent, has his own? 

Yes, of all the languages we know, I thought sign language is universal, but it is not. 

Different cultures have different ways to express, different referrals to names, persons, houses, and even sentences. So I might come back with a new language, which I believe, it is a must for normal people to learn it in case they were for instance around deaf persons, as after what I have experienced here today, it is our role to fit in their life, as they are working hard to fit in ours. I actually feel bad when describing it this way, as we are all humans and equal, and for each has his own way of learning, communicating, and speaking. 

We see it easy to take an Italian class, or Spanish, because we feel these languages are spoken worldwide, or because we like the sound of it, well, we should feel and touch the sign language which comes up to be a wonderful gesture of embrace which touch the heart and the eyes more then the words.

Time is late, and tomorrow is a long day... an interesting blog about the rest of the day will be posted soon, so to be continued....

La Reina

PS: excuse the typo, I am still jet lagged and wanted to share my "live feed" experience.