Raw Love Recipe Quotes

As I fall in the silence of the moment, I dive deep towards the at-one-ment
Feeling the aliveness of this moment, draws a smile through this attunement
It is in the now that I can hear the heart beats
& send my gratitude to say thank you for a hilarious year heat
Just 4 days to welcome the new, beginning,
Ready for what ever is rising in, my being
Trust, Love, Faith & Growth
Is all what we have, to dive in this approach
Cheers to what is NOW
RH - December 28, 2020
عندما سألت ‘هو’: ماذا تراني افعل لأساعد الناس لتطمئن قلوبهم،
فجاوبني؛ اعتني بنفَسِك
و زاد قائلا: لقد حاولت إرضاء و الاعتناء بكل ابنائي، لتطمئن القلوب و الأنفاس، لكن القليلون كانوا حاضرين، اما الاخرون، طريقهم طويلة قبل الوصول
فجلست ساكنً و حمدت 'هو'
- روح حرّة December 27, 2020
"Peace will come upon you, when you become Peace
Love will come upon you, when you become Love
Harmony will come upon you, when you become in harmony with yourself
Forginess will come upon you, when you find the ways to forgive yourself and others
The World will be in Peace when you find peace in your Heart
RH - September 11,2020"
May your HEART be filled with PEACE
& your BODY wrapped with EASE,
May HEALTH visit you this YEAR,
& your Shiny SPIRIT surround your SPHERE
So when the DAY we finally MEET
We can EMBRACE without fear
May LOVE & FAMILY always fill your
RH - December 24, 2020
Happy Holidays my dearest family & friends

In the midst of the night, half posing across like a wild knight, managed to shine, even with your shy little light & project your brightness above us all, tonight.
Oh moon, always far & near, in our heart you will always be here.
RH - Dec 23-2020
Dwell in every moment & Awaken your soul within
So you always Express Fully, your inner Truth
RH - Dec 13-2020
"فأنا، من أنا؟
فأنا لست بمسلمٍ و لا مسيحيّ، لا يهوديّ و لا بوذي، و لا ديانةً تعرِّفُ بي، فقد سَكَنتْ روحي هذا الجسد،
و استفاقتْ أنفَاسي من هذا الوَرَدْ و تعلمتْ قِرَّتي بما اعطاني اياه،
الكريم، المحب، الغفور ، الرحوم و الحَيّ
فأصبحتُ إنسان الحياة
و وجَدَتُ رحمة العطاء في بِحَارِهِ و بذور محبته و خدمته في طبيعته
فإعْتَنَقتُ السَلام ْ
فليحيا في قلوبكم كما أُحْيِّيَا في قلبي
روحّ حرّة RH Dec -7-2020
"أنا، فمن أنا و ما الأنا"
"خلقتكم من روحي و زرعت حباَّ في أنفاسِكم،
أبدّلتم و أحببتم أنفُسَكم
أعطيتكم من خيِّرات الدنيا،
أدمّرتم كل معطيات الخير في الدنيا
سقيتكم من مياه الحياة و لا خيّرْت من يسقى
فقسَّمتم المياه للأرباح
نسيتم انكم ابنائي و لا أُفرِّق بتاتا
أتفرّقتم و أعطيتم لنفسِكم مقاما "
روحّ حرّة - رح Dec-7- 2020
The trip beyond the horizon is keeping me awake... so I listen, I write & I share ... what he is inspiring me with
ما ألهمتُ به
"في العشق،
الأعمى يرى
الأخرس ينطق
الأصم يسمع
المُقعد يقف
الكل يسجد في حبه"
روحّ حرّة - رح Dec 7-2020
"خلقتُ لكَ المياهَ لتعكُس نوري فيها،
فنظرتَ الى المياهِ فلم تجد نوري فيها،
فلتأخذْ من هذه المياهِ، و لتسقي نفسك فيها،
فلعلها تنجلي في اعماقك، فتحلى بنوري فيها "
روحّ حرّة - رح Dec 7-2020
"أعطيتكَ الكمال، فأهملتَ هو
أخذتُ النِصف، ففقدتَ هو
فماذا تراني أفعل، لتلقى هو"
روحّ حرّة - رح Dec 7-2020
“It is never about how many followers we have, it’s about how many 💗 seeds we plant.
To freely harvest ABUNDANT LOVE“
RH- Dec 7-2020
 I went on a soul trip & back
“When the Divine owns your soul, don’t be afraid to loose your body ...
Loose your ‘self’ & ‘awake’ in your spirit”
RH - Décembre 7-2020
Path of Truth - طريق الحق
The path is a journey into being
An adventurous life with so many mysteries & magic, from a beginning to an end...
When your soul walks the path of truth, your body flies, lives, & falls, in Love
RH- December 6-2020
الطريق هي رحلة إلى الوجود
فالحياة مليئة بالمغامرات، من
الألغاز ... والسحر ... من البداية إلى النهاية ...
عندما تسير روحك في طريق الحقيقة ... جسدك يطير ويحيا ويغشى ... في الحب
روحٌّ حرّة - ر ح Dec 6-2020
كَرَمُ الكريمِ من ما كَرَّم به الكريمُ،
فالكَرَمُ من كَرم ِالجميعِ،
أكرِم نفَسَك من ما كرِّمتَ به، لتُكرِم لك الدنيا من ملذاتِ كَرَمِها -
 رح Dec-4-2020
We only know the depth of our soul when we bow in gratefulness to the magnifying power that created, it.
Look deeply into your eyes to touch a drop of its beauty
For when ever you feel lost or scared, always know, what deep in you is your saviour
Trust this life that runs through your veins & flourish with its majestic love
RH- January 10, 2020
10 01 20 20

Being blessed is to have awaken to witness a new decade to uncover
Being blessed is to wake up breathing life
Being blessed is knowing even in the days you feel lonely, you are never alone
Being blessed is to witness a shift and transformation in life where people are coming together in love & gratitude
Being blessed is simply thanking the life you have, and feeling it in depth of your heart
Being blessed is knowing that what you have is beyond material, it is your soul connection, & connection to every soul in your life & beyond.
Always Being blessed with the health & perseverance to simply live in humbleness and be present to serve
A simple full love gratitude to be, in this lifetime, still alive, breathing & healthy!
It only takes a Thank You!
01 01 20 20

RH- 01,01,2020

A touch of a heart, with a soul traveler, in simply a perfect body, is a divine creation.
Live your life, & enjoy the perfect world as it is to learn, grow, & shift things inside out, to see the clear perfection of it!
RH- 24-12-2019

We all pass through different moments every day, & the beauty of it, is that they are all our perfect teachers.
They come as a present, to shape us, to ground us, to elevate us & help us grow, whether it’s an emotional pain, vulnerability, loneliness, & weaknesses, and/or, an emotional gain, happiness, joyfulness & passion.
Embrace every moment, even when it is so hard to welcome, learn from it, let it vibrate in our cells, to awaken us, give us strengths, & remind us of our true selves.
Remember, there will always be a sign, a message or messengers which will come our way to guide us, open our heart, eyes & soul & bring us back to our aligned self.
Let the magic do its work through welcoming every moment in love & gratitude, & remember to always follow our intuitive side, as it always shows us the way to heaven.
RH- October 14, 2017

Enchanted by the beauty of nature, the touch of the water, and the smell of the trees, this wholeness scene immerse in my heart & yells out to the world I love you!
Love is the way for life to be...
Create the love everywhere you are, touch people's heart with your true self, your true kindness, & your real being... with it, everything lives in peace.
RH - September 17, 2017

Go with the wind, let life guide you, learn everyday, appreciate life, your being, & whom ever cross your path, as they always teach you something, & you do the same...
RH- August 18, 2017

When gratitude, faith & love touch your heart, your being, & your soul, every cell in your body feels it... you get shivers... & joyful blissful tears...
Be with it... embrace it... & live within
To love, gratitude & life!
RH- August 16, 2017

Seeing oneself liberated, in-depth, towards an ultimate eternity

RH June 4, 2017 

Crossing the ocean is a very significant way to heal the emotion, going back to the roots emerge to be grounded, surrounded with childhood love, laughters, & support is a path to take & enforce the deep feelings for self.
RH - 28, July, 2017

Inspiration is my world, motivation is what I strive for, planting the seeds within you is what I'll teach you, believing in your powers is my way to serve you, living the magical life is what I thrive for, come along with me & I'll show you the way.
RH® July 26, 2017

Sailing, in the present moment on the rythme of love, powers to create wonders & magic.
Expectations found its way in & managed to drill holes allowing misery to come in.
The boat started sinking... it couldn't sail with expectations & misery, its only wind was flowing within the energy of love, moments and creations.
Choosing to save the ego first leaving Love behind to drown, was selfish...
Luckily & through the balancing waves, the strong current & wind, Love found its way back to the shore to embrace life again, open its arms to anything that comes its way.
Remember, Love overweights ego.
RH - July 20, 2017

Our present is our gift, live in its abundance & allow the energy to flow within and through out ourselves
BE, Present, Evolve, Grow & Live in Gratitude - 

RH July 18, 2017

Thy Soul is your true guide, your multiple senses to receive & perceive information.
Be in its awareness & listen, as it is your only key to your true self, & your true path.
Messengers, synchronicities and signs come your way in reality, dreams & other forms to confirm every information.
Be in its grace, its gratitude, & love it, as it oversees & protects you from what ever not serving you in this lifetime.
RH - 7-7-17

Feeling an absolute bliss of liberation, a content within my cells, my body & my spirit. My higher spirit & my guardian angels stood firm with me today, to close a beautiful chapter of my life into opening new beginnings of life's mysteries, adventures, love, freedom, travels, projects, money & more!
Feeling blessed, being taken care of by God, I'm grateful!
Cheers to life... it is an absolute beauty!

RH - June 23, 2017

Love, Compassion & Gratitude always elevate your soul, your mind & body. Embrace yourself with these magnificent energies to be always protected.
God sends you signs, messages and Angels to empower you, listen, observe, & let the light of love protect you.

RH - 16 June, 2017

God always remind us of our eternal sparkling energy which is embedded in our soul.
We always tap into it, and sometimes we snap out of it...
Be-ing reminded through synchronicities of events, people showing up, people leaving, group discussions, people from the past, people from the present, messages, signs, in one day, empower us confirming our mission in this lifetime.
It is all an affirmation that what ever comes our way, what ever stays and what ever leaves, is happening for our own best interest...
The magic of this purity is letting go which is our eternal gift to stay present ...
The soul is always ready for it, while the heart and mind process its acceptance to step into the equanimity of life

RH® 29-05-2017

When the energy of love feeds your soul, be with it, feel its depth, and let it flow as these moments of grace are our way to grow.
When the ego interfere, be in this awareness & show it who truly conquer.

RH - May 29, 2017

Let the light come through you to resonate in people's hearts.
RH May 27, 2017

Our moments are magical, our energies are contagious, and our life is majestic. Every present is gracious, elevating and blossoming. Let it Be, Forever...
RH 15-05-2017

When the music play, your body sway, it connects you to your soul & elevates your energy drawing a smile in all the cells of your body.
RH - May 1st, 2017

Life, is a delicious meal, prepared with organic ingredients, wrapped with love, and sent to you from the universe.
Before you open to taste, make sure to read the label.
It contains:
Pure love, freedom of being, respect to self, self-love, self-appreciation, worthiness, lots of happiness, full of positive moments, incredible synchronicities, and a strong intuition.

Make sure your label of life says the same, otherwise change it to BE IT!
Life is your present, live it truly and fully.
With my love to you!
RH 29-09-16

Creating love around the world begins by creating the love within you
Treat yourself, love yourself indulge yourself with what life has to offer, from its beauty, its magnificent place, feel it deep inside, love it and embrace it.
Love our surrounding, respect them and honor them, they are the mirror of your actions wanna see love be the love, you want to be respected, respect others, wanna see the world in a better place, start by your own space
From self to the other, from the other to more, and from more to the world.
RH - April 2, 2016

Bridging between the true soul and the body, engaging both in the present moment and in-joying the true being.
RH 22/2/2016

Powerful energies grow when togetherness becomes oneness!
May the power of being reach you, elevate you, and always nourish you!

The freedom of being alive - living in happiness without limitations, opening up to this universe to create all the beauties in your life for you.
Gratitude is what makes it happen-
Glow in your spirit, believe in your soul, follow your intuition, most of all Just BE!


February 14, 2016

My life is overflowing with gratitude and abundance, filled with an amplitude impact of high conscious vibrations, lots of miraculous adventures, positive challenges, incredible thrillers, and amazingly good adrenaline rush.
My enthusiastic inner child is always alive as I'm embodied with happiness, ecstasy, orgasms, and aha moments.
Being & breathing, are creating my blissful world, I'm gratefully alive!
Part of my mission on the planet is manifesting multitude positive projects around the world which is leading to lots of travels and infinite discoveries!
Surrounded by my love, my family, my friends and the people that support, love, and follow the belief of a better positive today, Together we are the change!
To a cheerful, happy, ecstatic year!
Let it be!
Happy harvesting 2017!
RH - December 31, 2016

I Am grateful for a lifetime of true love, a powerful marriage grown purely through respect, honesty & trust within my family.
Creations sparkling with synchronicity, building a home, attracting the energy of money and appreciating all in peace.
A life of love, green environment, beautiful nature, clean oceans, happiness, positivity and travel discoveries!
Cheers to a lifetime of love, beliefs and gratitude
This is my book of life!
Happy all coming years, 2016 onward!

RH - December 30, 2015 

Divine Embrace to Create & Enrich Magnificent Beliefs Everywhere u R is what December is all about.
Celebrating Christmas and New Year happen in so many ways, joined with the Eid Mawlid-an-Nabawi-al-Charif & Hanukah, more Miracles happen when we start believing in the good, the better and the best.
What's for the Good is that Life has been given to us for granted, earth has been given to us for granted.

God created all this for us to love, cherish, connect and appreciate every part of it-
Breathing is a gift, Better to create the right environment for it.
Being alive is a gift, Best is to keep feeding it spiritually, organically and positively.
My wish to myself, yourselves and every being, is to reconnect within, see the beauty inside and radiate to the outside- for the world to change positively, it starts within.
Happy transformational years to all of you!
Happy Hanukah, Eid Mawlid-an-Nabawi-al-Charif the Birth of the Prophet Mohammad, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016!
RH - December 24, 2015

The power of being, ask neutrally and you shall receive magnificently - RH October 27, 2015

Create, lead & blossom always starts from within by following your inner intuition.
Live in your own presence and listen, your magic is already shining & reaching around - RH 29-09-2015

Being truthful empowers your being, always take the lead in speaking your voice, your honesty, with no hesitation- you will be far more respected - 
RH September 16, 2015

We are abundance, we are love, we are a magnificent creation, we are a bond - a radiating magnet attracting the beautiful powers around you to raw create - it is within- all you need is listen. 
RH June 23, 2015

Magical moments happen - we create our desires, our path, and our way of being - just Be - Always Present - the magnet of reception for all the Positivity - Love - and Harmony around you!RH
June 17, 2015

My Body, Spirit and Mind are all Aligned - RH 
April 29-2015 

Believe in yourself to achieve the ultimate truth of you - create your world with your thoughts, confidence and positivity. You are exactly what you should be in this lifetime! RH 
April, 20, 2015

Master your own life, design your own path, & love yourself - you are the creator, God is within you-RH 
April 17, 2015

We always say: "You never know when the time is right but in reality, it is always the right time" RH - 
April 1, 2015

The truth about you, and the soul you are, grow magically by being in the moment and living in its flow. Stay open for discoveries within you as you will be amazed of who you truly are. RH
February 17, 2015

Magic, is my description for life. 
Sparkling, is is how I see life.
Courageous, is how I want to live my life! RH 
January 18, 2015

Embrace the power of universe, feel its beauty in your veins and its power all within. This lights up your heart, fills it with love and lifts you all the way to heaven - Be fearless, trustful and confident, always- RH 
January 18, 2015

I live in Harmony, Peace and Love from within, I'm so grateful! - RH
January 15 - 2015

Never count your days as they are too many, live in its moments as they are priceless - RH 
December 31-2014

Life is a present, the collection of your desires and beliefs. It is both, the gift and the now moment. 
Benefit from what it has to offer & make sure to always fill your presents with positive and beautiful thoughts, so when you live it, you'll feel in heaven -RH

December 14-2014

Never get discouraged by the opinions of others, believe in yourself, the powers you have, and with your persistence you will highly achieve. Only you will know, with the passion you have, nothing is unachievable – RH
December 9-2014

Surround yourself with people who believe in you, encourage you, and walk the path with you – never accept to change your beliefs for the happiness of others, and yes, you should put yourself first, as when you radiate, your light will shine on others – RH
December 9-2014

Creating your home comes by building the happiness together. Happiness is merging your believes together. It’s all about accepting each other, trusting each other, and radiating the love you’re making to shine upon all others – RH

December 9-2014

When you love, love from the heart
When you connect, connect from the heart
When you respect, respect heart to heart
When you grief, grief from the heart
Always create the energy heart to heart to feel, connect, and embrace the power you both are sharing. Believing in the energy and the soul will break all the differences, even at extremes- move forward step by step and meet half way -RH 

November 26, 2014

Waking up with an intention manifest in your creation; I am confident, I am capable, I am strong, I am powerful, I am lovable, I am smart, I am happy, I am grateful-RH 
November 26, 2014

For time to be your ally you need to take the bull from his horn and not wait for the train to pick you up - RH
March 16, 2014

My eyes are drawing you, I'm inhaling your smell, tasting your charm & challenging your thoughts, you are within me...it is time to be born - RH

September 19, 2013

The true meaning of you is the soul within you-your look can change,your behavior can fluctuate, your actions can be crazy but the real you will always be the same-RH
October 27- 2013

Stepping back into your past brings up wonderful memories, enriching you today, reminding you of the youth, the risks, and the wild craziness you had - Always remind yourself of you who were & not only who you became - RH
September 3, 2013

Embrace the heart, open up to life discoveries by living the moment & engaging in its fullness...A beautiful adventure is yet to be born through uncovering the mysteries behind the closed door! -RH

August 20-2013

Never envy others on or for what they have, search deep within you, cause what you own is more precious – it is called life – RH
May 20, 2013
The universe paints our mysterious life canvas in multiple shapes; how we perceive it materialize its exquisiteness and perfection. Life is simply ours to unfold, ask for what you desire & it will find you – RH
May 6, 2013
Good memories carries you back to life, empowering the moment and pushing your success forward. Bad habits and memories keep you down in a hole, dragging out take a long time, Deciding has the full power to jump- RH

February 6- 2013      

Engaging your fullness to the power of now flies you out of the misery you drawn yourself into, always look at the light, as it will always shine your way- RH

February 6- 2013      

Believing in your powers can change the world, start from within to project this energy inside out, and mark your presence in every person's heart- RH

February 6- 2013      

Climbing the stairs may take months; reaching the objectives will erase the toughness of the process and will provide forever satisfaction. Always have an objective and climb upon the rocks, the bumpy roads and any obstacle as your desires are near, reaching them will erupt your soul with powers- RH 

February 6- 2013      

Remembering your real self with your real energy put together the person you are, never erase that memory of you, stay connected to the life as is, live in its magic and trash the negative, as only you will benefit at the end - RH

February 6- 2013      

Love means total devotion, sharing the ideal commitment with your soul mate, embracing the power of two to shape a sparkling lifetime filled with showering desires, glittering moments, and forever aphrodisiacs-RH          
February 6- 2013      
Even with this extreme cold, you always know how to warm me with your heart, melting to embrace me & forever holding me inside covering us with blankets of Love- RH
January 25-2013 (Montreal Temperature minus 40)

Le temps d’habitude passe très vite, avec toi, le moment est présent, mais sans toi, ça ne passe jamais- RH
Janvier – 2- 2013

"Red, is the color of the heart, presents, are for all the magnificent life surprises, a tree, is for our lifetime, and a star, is our wish for a miracle.
My wish for you this Christmas is to embrace your loved ones, heal every person's heart, spirit and emotions, to build a roof upon each needy, bring them food, health, and warmth. For a miracle to bring peace over the world, to live in harmony together without any judgments, hatred, envyness and ego.
It is a holy night, make a wish for God, and through Santa, and under your tree, you will find it.
Merry Christmas!" -RH 

December 25-2012

«Rouge est la couleur du coeur, cadeaux, sont pour toutes les magnifiques surprises de la vie, l'arbre, décris notre vie, et l'étoile, c'est notre souhait d'un miracle.
Mon souhait pour vous ce Noël est d'embrasser vos proches, de guérir le cœur de chaque personne autour, son esprit et ses émotions, de construire un toit à chaque besoin, leur apporter de la nourriture, de la santé et de la chaleur. Pour un miracle pour ramener la paix dans le monde, de vivre ensemble en harmonie, sans aucun jugement, haine, envier et ego.
C'est une nuit sainte, faites un voeu à Dieu, puis a travers le Père Noël, et sous votre arbre, vous le trouverez.
Joyeux Noël! " -RH 
December 25-2012

My gift is having you in my life, looking over me, watching me, caring for me. This present is eternal, and you'll always be in my heart empowering my beliefs, walking me the roads, and opening up my opportunities, as only in You I believe-RH
December 16-2012

Honesty in life is a treasure, be proud of your word without hiding behind lies to cover your true identity, be truthful to yourself and your surrounding, as it will create your magic image and respect - RH
December 16-2012

Problems and issues covering your life, only one will share them with you to support you and blossom the flowers of love, removing the petals of suffering and empowering its pollen to conceive wonders - RH
December 16-2012 

Trust is a small word with a huge impact, it is engraved deep inside, grounding its roots to enable the foundation of you and I, together - RH
December 16-2012  

No one can change the world, but you and I did, no one can break the rules, we broke most by creating our own, believing in us it is when our new world is born-RH
December 16-2012  

La création splendide de l'amour s'améliore en acceptant l'un l'autre, construire la passion de vie s'enrichit en se respectant, seul la mort le sépare, que dieux nous amène à l'éternité-RH
December 15-2012
Aching for your breath, your love and your presence, your spirit surrounds me and brings my life back to eternity, show me the way to love you so we create wonders, together - RH 
December 9, 2012

My heart is empty and asking for your presence, sometimes we take long roads to get to short distance, ours was short, but then distance took us apart - RH 
December 8, 2012

The bond only lasted few days which draw the way to a far away, the magic, was how euphoric it made you, the saddening, is not believing in its power - RH
November 27, 2012

Strange how someone can forget the world in your presence, leaves everything behind for your company, & creates magical surprises for you, crafting smiles which last forever, then, forever ends - RH
November 26, 2012

Typing those striking letters, conceiving perfect sentences and marking your wisdoms into impeccable thoughts, are creating your world of desire, pointing to the universe your genuine aspiration to be born with its vitality – RH 
November 13-2012

Around you tons to satisfy your eyes, but only one to savor your heart, surrounded by hundreds murmuring words, but only one will serve you the world - RH

The heart beats on the rhythm of love, two in love writes the melody of Us and the door of eternal joy opens to a gratifying life. If one is broken that door closes and once closed, it is closed forever - RH

In the crowed you manage to shine, bursting your spirit all over the place, sending your soul straight to my heart, and whispering… show me the way to dance on the rhythm of us - RH

I stole your words as I stole your heart, pumping within mine engraved this majestic energy and an everlasting smile - RH

Lovely how you embrace me softly, taking your breath away, whispering in your ears my ocean breeze, and cooking slowly eternal passionate emotions -RH

Life is a mystery; you did discover it with me by uncovering your buried soul and bringing it back to life - RH
Uncovering the mystery being the private splendid fireworks in someone's life, converts you into living in its sparkles which burst into many discoveries to fall for-RH

Chances in life are conveyed in many shapes and various ways; never miss any, as these are irreplaceable. Listen to your heart, open up your spirit and embrace the one in front of you, as what you hold today can last with you forever - RH
November 2-2012

Past, pride and stubbornness build up a wall, which blocks the marvelous bright and blinds you from seeing the exquisiteness of the other world. Uncover to discover the real you, believe in your senses to shape your fabulous present and strengthen your future - RH
November 1-2012

Words are vague, a person can write a thousand but only the action counts-RH 
October 27-2012

A relation starts with two and ends with two, the unfairness is to receive a note without being part of it and not having the freedom to agreeing either to pursue or to brake it. -RH
October 27-2012

We meet thousands of individuals daily, but when the heart beats for one, it is only fair and rational to embrace and jump in a leap of faith to discover the uncovered. -RH
October 27-2012 

A cuddle is the most passionate sign of embracing a dear one tenderly, a touch creates the splendid fireworks and a kiss sparkles your life forever. Always embrace your loved ones, make them feel you are close by and always around even if you are, far - RH
October 19-2012

Communications and deep talks enrich your relation, it keeps it alive during hard times, where that voice gets injected intensely in the ear and is perfectly engraved in sharing the real thoughts of the other. Always communicate about your inner sentiments, to keep the relation growing and glowing - RH
October 19-2012

Never leave a person you care about behind, as walking right beside each other creates and carves the connection which will always enlighten your road forever-RH
October 19-2012

A world of love is the commitment of a magnificent connection, it is a promise of glittering sparkles, feelings and passion which is never meant to be broken, Ever -RH
October 19-2012
Relationships dive in multiple directions day after day; the bonding brings you closer during difficult days, which keeps your path glowing all days- RH
October 19-2012

On this gloomy day, only a smile will bring the sunlight, smiling inside out will magnify your life as nothing is worth crying for-RH
October 19-2012

You make my heart trembles, my body shivers just by sensing your soft kissing and your hand touching mine-RH
October 4-2012

Is this love, or is this a dream, where am I flying to, and where is my destination, are we sailing together, flying together or am I going to be solo during this adventurous trip-RH
October 4-2012

Am I really falling in love with the lovely spirit of yours, the soul which fills you, and the energy which surrounds you, or is it just because of you-RH 
October 4-2012

When I look into your eyes my heart beats for you, can you keep on looking into mine so I don't die-RH 
October 3-2012

Nous nous sommes retrouvés dans une même âme et même esprit, on est tombé amoureux avec l'énergie émouvante qui nous élève et enrichit notre vie -RH 
Octobre 3-2012

On s'est trouvé, attiré par une énergie magnifique qui nous a transformé notre vie, qui nous a amené ensemble pour découvrir un avenir exquis-RH 
Octobre 3-2012

In this moment, I want to be in your arms, embracing your charm and loving your smile, taken by your spirit always, and fly me higher somewhere in the firmament- RH 
October 3-2012
My time freezes when I'm in your arms, your charm, your eyes, your sweet smile all together embrace me warmly-RH
September 22 -2012

A life can transform in a second, that second belongs to you, switch, light up & embrace the power of the universe, you never know what is hiding for you. Believe in it & you'll be created with its energy - RH
September 21-2012

Building the stones of the perfect relationship recipe is cooked with four basic ingredients: 100% Respect, two way Communication, full Trust & and a pure transparent Honesty – RH
September 18-2012
A breath of love is what I'm seeking for, a touch of the heart is my boost of life, and a perfect smile is my true eternity - RH
August 26-2012

We all have a perfect life if we believe to live, to cherish the moments and to embrace the positive qualities in others. Look at your life, be thankful and try to see it through the perfect moments hidden by the wall of sadness you built-RH
August 26-2012

It is always about life, love, passion, emotions and energy. Followed by the soul, the spirit and the eternity. But definitely followed by the person who completes me, creating the family, and enjoying each second -RH
August 26-2012

I ask the universe to surprise me with your presence, to have you around and know that you are my mate. I feel it is true, I want to believe it is true, can you at least hear my voice calling you-RH 
August 26-2012

Strange how you stimulate my senses where every single nerve in my body grows enthusiastic upon looking into your eyes, my whole body and spirit soar and definitely my heart beats excessively-RH
August 18-2012 

White is purity, light guides us through our path whereas sparkle shines through us. Smile, engage, and fascinate the planet, be yourself to appreciate life - RH
August 17-2012 

My smile is contagious, my look is glamorous, and my passion is desirable. Always charm the universe with your laugh, your soft vitality, your high spirit and mostly your pure honesty - RH
August 13-2012 

Your wide green eyes always sparkle when looking into mine allowing your inner smile to jump out drawing those cute dimples, smelling my scent, holding my hand, sails us back to many exquisite memories - RH                            
August 9-2012

How easy it is for people to suck up your positive energy and nurture themselves, building the negative around you, keep your eyes and heart open spread the energy only to the ones who deserve it -RH
August 9-2012

Your closeness warms me in my loneliness, your spirit inspires me when I'm far, is it the charm, is it the love or is it the energy, which illuminates your ora, and embrace me softly - RH
August 5-2012

How hard it is to feel your presence knowing you are way far from being present, traveling to escape love is never a lovely present-RH
August 1-2012 I have you in my heart, I hold you in my spirit, you always chase me in my dreams whereas I look for you in my realm, will you ever be real-RH 
May 24-2012

Back to my dreams, back to my reality, you came in by surprise, stood me still wondering what’s around, trembling my body just by feeling my reflection in your eyes, with your charm and energy you spread a message of your eternal presence - RH
May 21- 2012

You surprise me with your smile, you charm me with your presence, my heart beats faster and my body shivers upon sensing your deep contemplation of my sparkling dazzle appearance– RH
May 20- 2012
My eyes ask for your presence, my heart trembles at your spirit, your shy embrace and slight hidden kiss drives my soul to a higher level and fly around searching for you...when will we be united again-RH
May 12- 2012
Growing is glowing, aging is maturing, year over year you conceive experiences and knowledge which burst into the birth of your creation -RH
May 7-2012

I feel your presence, as you stimulate my senses, I know you are around hovering above, protecting me and caring for my life. Only if I can see you I would hold you tight and never let you travel again - RH 
May 6- 2012  

You are so handsome, charming and lovable, your so full in your beauty, I wait impatiently to see your face to breath from your full light & embrace you passionately - RH
May 5- 2012
Feeling wobbly inside designs my beautiful smile and shivers within whenever you contemplate my eyes- RH April 1 - 2012
Failing is never giving up; on the contrary, it is injecting the strength to climb up again and succeed. Learn from your failures and mistakes. Always maintain a focus on your path, be positive and keep walking. Your passion is your drive, your success, which leads to your victory - RH
May 2- 2012
Feeling the encouragements from your surrounding, their love to you, and their support to your inspiration and creativity, reinforces you day after day to always increase your standards of innovation, ingenuity, and mostly be always grateful to have them in your life – with my love to YOU - RH  April 25 - 2012
Escaping in my thoughts, feelings & becoming part of the universe & nature, gives always the warmth feeling of belonging & takes me far from all the hatred, stress & negativity around. Always take the time for you, escape in your reflections, take the deep positivity, the relieving breath & dream high - RH 
April 19 - 2012
Nature is our living source, our oxygen, and our existence. She nurtures us with all she has to offer, feeds us, protects us, and gives us the spirit to live, always give her back,love her, and embrace her, at the end you can never abuse your own mother - Nature is our Mother - RH  April 13 - 2012
Cooking is a creativeness. Writing is an inspiration. Mixing both marks a devotion of Love - RH  
April 10 - 2012

Family is the creation of two in harmony, respect and love. Conceiving affections and emotions within, and building a more concrete relation will flourish one generation after the other. Create your family; live in its affection, purity and transparency - RH
April 6 - 2012

Diamond is the most precious jewelry - Contemplating your sparkling eyes into hers makes it more valuable. Embrace her when the opportunity comes, otherwise she will be easily stolen - RH
April 4 - 2012

Growing together with a spirit of craziness, pleasures and laughter, designing our path to grasp a new world of ecstasy, love and sensations, will jointly cook, our deliciously charming life - RH
April 1 - 2012
Your face never leaves my sight. I starve for your breath, for it fills me up with pure oxygen. Feeling the touch of your hand caressing mine, shivers my soul, trembles my heart and crafts a smile that never leaves mine - RH  March 29 - 2012

My heart is aching for you, my eyes’ relieve by looking into yours. Your angelic face and charming smile bring my spirit back to life-RH   
March 24 - 2012
Gazing into my sparkling eyes makes me wonder where your thoughts take you. Feeling the warmth of my soul, my spirit and my passion sailing above, pondering whether together, with yours, a new life can be conceived – RH                      
March 13 - 2012
Discovering the hidden spirit within brings you to witness wonders of your inner-self. Uncover the mysterious flower, the little baby within you and observe how much you can accomplish - RH                                                         
March 12 - 2012
Longing to see you to embrace you dearly. Feeling the warmth of your hug takes me to different dimensions of passion, security and love - RH                         
March 12 - 2012
I salute every woman who has a handicap and is living day by day enjoying the life she has, nurturing her kids even if she can not see,hold,or hear them. Just cause she is giving her life, emotions and love to them makes her world beautiful. This is a woman! RH    
March 8 - 2012
Without a woman the world doesn't exist! RH                                
March 8 - 2012
Stop hiding behind the white shadows. Show me your beautiful face, your bright smile and embrace me with your full light. I barely see you every month, then when up in the firmament, you just disappear again…- RH 
March 7 - 2012
Planting the seeds at the start in a comfortable relation, nourishing it daily, will harvest a wonderful loving life - RH
February 25 - 2012
Marriage recipe; add a lot of transparency in communication with a full sensation of belonging, 100% respect, sprinkle daily the love, emotions and live in its charm, passion, and craving - RH 
February 25 - 2012
Marriage is the creation of two in harmony conceived with pure love and coherence - RH 
February 25 - 2012
Looking into your eyes fly me over to heaven, to this warm place empowered with gracious tender feelings, charming emotions, and affectionate passion - RH 
February 21 - 2012

You touch my heart, you are engraved in my thoughts, I breath you every second, I feel you all moments, you embrace me with your warm energy, and charm me with your soul - RH 
February 19 - 2012
February is the month of LOVE; Cupid is hovering right above you. Keep your heart open, your feelings stretched around & embrace the people you love & admire. Have an open spirit for emotions, relations & LOVE - RH 
February 6 – 2012
Life is too precious; live it up enjoying every second of it. Heal yourself through beautiful thoughts, smile & happiness. Spread the love around! - RH 
February 5 – 2012
The mind is a manipulator, always builds a block against the heart so only the mind speaks. Heart murmurs are transparent and pure; they drive your instinct on the path to feel and acknowledge the true action. Let it be free, listen and dive in - RH    
February 3 - 2012

The new moon starts the month with a slight smile overlooking the earth from far away, which grow to a big laugh every mid month to bright up our nights and ask us to smile back. A Smile does cheer up our life, even if it is internal, your positive expressions will show. Keep Smiling! - RH 
January 26 - 2012

Missing, is a fusion of emotions, tingling passion, and a craving to embrace zealously whomever warms your heart to sense deeply their heartbeats - RH
January 24 - 2012
Blindness can be a handicap for some people, and a gift for others. It is the way to see, feel, and touch people or others from within. Take the time, close your eyes, sense and listen to everything around u with your heart, it helps u to open up and embrace the beauty, flavors, and energy of your surroundings - RH      
January 3 - 2012
“1-1-2012 and the adventures are starting.
Every day, for 365 days, do something new, for a first time, a service, an activity, a trip, a surprise, anything, bring in the spices to your life and make it a memorable year! Cheers!!!”
- RH                                                     
4 days before the end of the year, best timing to settle any misunderstanding with your surroundings,(if any).
Pick up the phone to say your sorry and tell them how much u miss them, take the time to see them, if close by.
End all your problems, miscommunication, misunderstandings and have a new fresh start.
To family, friendship, partnership, relationship and LOVE! - RH                  
December 28-2011
Love is a beautiful feeling shared unconditionally with the other, it is not meant to be forced, chased, or even possessed by one of the parties. Once you feel it, share it wisely, openly, and live in its moment - RH                   
December 22-2011
Year 2012, bring closer your loved ones, gather more positivity to your life, eliminate the negative vibes and whoever creates it, even if it means deleting people, habits, or jobs from your surroundings, be open to new ideas and new adventures, live it day by day as if it is your last on earth. To a wonderful surprising year ahead! Happy 2012! Cheers!!!! - RH                                
December 21-2011
Love, is an internal joy reflected with an outstanding smile; feel it, embrace it and let it last forever - RH                                                              
December 18-2011
Beauty, is Only the soul's positive energy spread all around projecting to the outer world the excellent thoughts and the gracious behavior of a human - RH 
December 17-2011
Passion, Passion and Passion, the most glamorous sensation. It multiplies your drive, both in Life, Work and mostly Love. Indulge in its essence and live it to its fullest - RH                                                                                  
December 17-2011
Apologizing is deep with its realization and not just by uttering the word; When you say it, mean it - RH                                                                  
December 16-2011
Expectations joggle your dreams, erase the surprises, and can make your life miserable. Life has a lot to offer, let it be unpredictable so you can maximize the enjoyments -RH                                                                                
December 15-2011
Communication... is the basic recipe of a relation, if it doesn't exist, the rest will fade away - RH                                                                      
December 15-2011
A Relationship is simply a pure friendship, mixed with tingling emotions, sprinkled with lots of passion and cooked with Love - RH                      
December 14-2011
Good Moments and Opportunities in life don't last long, if you feel it, see it, and even touch it, just grab it with your arms, hold it tight, give it all the emotions and love and just go for it... as once gone, there is no way back... and one day you don't want to wake up regretting...because you have been busy with other life problems - RH                                                       December 14-2011
***All Quotes are written by Reina Hallab, aka RH - Can not be copied or posted without asking the writer and referring to this website. Thank you***

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