Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back on Track...Last Month of the Year 2012

It feels awesome to go back to what you love and where your passion is, and I personally adore what I have been doing for the past year, sharing my love to Raw, my new experiences, with the different activities taking part in my life.

It has been 2 months since I have wrote a blog, but I have been tweeting a lot about my different kinds of smoothies, my quotes and my love to life.

The first time I started writing was a Thursday March 1-2012, 9 months after,  (a baby could be born on this day)... which is today, is a Thursday... but not a 1-2012.

Lots have been happening within my daily, professional and personal life, which was taking my time from being close to you.

Remembering what I have wrote last January 01-2012, the promise I took and mostly fulfilled:
“1-1-2012 and the adventures are starting.
Every day, for 365 days, do something new, for a first time, a service, an activity, a trip, a surprise, anything, bring in the spices to your life and make it a memorable year! Cheers!!!”
- RH 
I did it... and still have one full month to keep it up and jump with open arms to the new coming year 2013, which will be a "heaven" of a Good Year for everyone.

You have followed few of my accomplishments so far, and still going. I am looking for new adventures, more activities, projects and volunteers.

One project is still undergoing, and I am personally looking for some companies, friends, or sponsors to fund-raise the Marketing Awareness Campaign for my Volunteer project in Jordan with World Wide Hearing, which I am very happy to work on, specially with those angelic kids who, when you are around, can forget the whole world, what it holds and grasp the beautiful moments of childhood.

December 5 -2012, I will celebrate the first anniversary for my Raw Marketing Inc, my baby, my company... This is gonna be soooo exciting.

Finally, and so far it is just a thought.. but hoping to accomplish soon, is to publish my Raw Love Recipe Quotes' book.

Still can't believe a year has passed... and a new to come to embark in its adventure.

And the Question will be... Travel or Settle... what kind of an adventure will it be?

La Reina