Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"A Perception about Life & Love"

"A Perception about Life & Love", written on April 2, 2016.

In-Joy and Discover

What does the definition of "owning" means to you?
Your Self-Love, your Life, or your Ego & your materialistic life.
Have you ever thought that your life is something you own?
It is a ownership that no one can take away from you.
Though you can either love it or abuse it.
What does owning material things mean to you, what satisfaction does it give you, and is there a joyful fulfillment in it?

My perception about Life & Love

Love has much more to offer then what you might know.
With Its simplicity, the gifted breath you take every moment, the love you give yourself and others every day, the creation you conceive every second, your thoughts, & your positivity, it all means something magnificent and you will be amazed with the power it provides you.
Let go of whatever material you think satisfies you and just be who you are, without the walls you built. Break it and look beyond, to see the whole new image of you that you can free, just by deciding to let go.
You can laugh like no one is watching, be like no one is seeing, dance like you are alone in the space, sing like no one can hear you, and live like no one can envy you.
Let go of this ego that you believe it gives you the power to be. It is an image of you that is not true.
Does your material image, be it the clothes, house, money, or car create your being?
It is a mistake and a miss-perception, as you haven't touched a small part of who you truly are.
Lights shine through you, so don't hide it with what ever you think gives you more lightness. Your ego covers your shining self and the true you.
Build the habit to talk to yourself in the mirror every day, and say nice words to yourself, your being and not your ego.
Talk positive, feel the harmony and be love
Then, day after day, you will notice a big change in your personality, in your being, and your light will shine more then ever and you'll attract more positive beings around you, who respect your true you.
You will feel their unconditional love surrounding you at all times.
Remove all the conditioning you lived with all your life, thinking that it's what makes you who you are.
We were all brought up & taught in many ways, many cultures and many traditions, some are good and elevating and others, are just to be tossed away.
Letting go of this doesn't mean you stopped loving your surroundings the way you think you did, it means you are opening the space for more love to come in and for more appreciation and gratefulness to what ever is presented.
Energy Levels change and vibrations become higher and more appreciated.
Embrace it, connect with it as it elevated your being and your light.
Start radiating around yourself and others, create the love, connect to the world of love and just be,

April, 2, 2016 - RH