Tuesday, December 29, 2020


When the full moon knocks on your window to awaken you, the charm of the view is captured in that moment.
6 am
From my bedroom window!
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Monday, November 23, 2020

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 La Reina

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Glamorous Healthy Holiday Ho Ho Ho!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Celebrating 10 years into Living Food


It has been 10 years on this journey with Raw...

Raw changed my life... and I am so grateful...

You want to know more.. here is my latest podcast from July 24, 2020 with Eric Mailhot from Ericzone Podcast

In-Joy the Magic of Food...Living Food

Live in Harmony, Love and Peace

La Reina

Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Day of Metta - Full of Love and Compassion (Day 10 & 11)

Today is May 16th, so Day 10 was yesterday, I had a full day that I didn't write about it on time.

Oh what a wonderful day, full of Metta.

Barely woke up on time for the group sitting at 7 am, as the night before I went late to bed after the meditation. The more and more we meditate, the more and more the words of Metta at the end of the meditation session becomes vibrating.

Oh my, oh my... may all the world live and be in Metta.

Here is the words of the Metta day that I thought about sharing with you... it feels your heart specially after completing all the days of Vipassana. Ref: book - Gem Set in Gold (usually for students who completed their 10 day course)

Practice of metta

May I be free from animosity,
may I be free from aversion,
may I be free from anger,
may I preserve myself happy.

Mother, father, teacher, relatives, and everyone—
may they be free from animosity,
may they be free from aversion,
may they be undisturbed,
may they preserve themselves happy.

Protective devas
devas of the Earth
tree devas
devas of the sky

In the direction of the east,
in the direction of the south-east,
in the direction of the south,
in the direction of the south-west,
in the direction of the west,
in the direction of the north-west,
in the direction of the north,
in the direction of the north-east,
in the direction above,
in the direction below.

All beings, all living ones,
all creatures, all individuals,
 all having any form of life,
all women, all men,
all who have attained purity of mind,
all who have not yet attained purity of mind,
all humans, all non-humans,
all those in celestial realms,
all those in states of woe—
may they be free from animosity,
may they be free from aversion,
may they be undisturbed,
may they preserve themselves happy.

May all beings be happy,
may they all find real security [nibbana],
may all enjoy good fortune,
may they encounter no evil,
may they encounter no grief,
may they encounter no suffering.

Oh, you just feeling like reciting these joyous, miraculous words every minute....

So awaken from that, with all the Metta I had in my heart... I thought as it was cloudy outside, best time to start the outer cleansing...  House cleaning!
The perfect thing to do to feel fresh, and ready for the new beginning.

Pressed the juices for the day, been using the same recipes from before, only this one I added a new type with Oranges. photos below.

Prepared myself, after the cleaning, the shower, the juices, head to my sister's, got to play with the kids, prepared the dinner with my nephew. We made a really nice vegetable mix in the oven; Cauliflower, onions, garlic, potatoes, red and green pepper, spices, like turmeric, provincial herbs, nutmeg, 7 spices, olive oil and avocado oil. All in the oven for 40 min! Yummy... I allowed myself to have that later when we all sat together to eat.

Also prepared another snack before for the kids, I felt so happy cooking preparing and making stuff... lots of Metta was filling my heart... and serving... such a wonderful feeling.

I spent the whole afternoon and evening there... my day was filled, then had home to rest... which was really really later.. Didn't even get the time to watch the discourse. So I am gonna start soon, before I had back again to my sister's again and have a sleep over.

So This morning, Day 11, I woke up also few minutes before the 7 am group sitting, wonderful meditation, followed by questions and answers. I am truly grateful for all the volunteers who plan this on a daily basis... to allow the sitting to be unified, around the world. Even today they had a half day that I couldn't join, as well as tomorrow.

Following the meditation... oh.. I did so much!

1- Juices some Ginger... and Lime...
I have mentioned in the previous posts that I had started to ferment some kombucha, so it was time to bottle them.
With the juicing of Ginger and Lime, I made a batch with Ginger and a batch with the mix. Then I brew more tea - this time Green Tea and Jasmine, and now fermenting a new bath of Kombucha... I think I will keep on doing that as it has a LOT of nutritional benefits.

Following that, I Juiced again, this time I prepared 5 types of Green ColdPressed Juices.
1- Solely Green
2- Green with Kiwi
3- Green with Pear
4- Green with Apple
5- Green with Oranges

Following that I prepared my facial and body cream, with essential oils... I didn't take a photo and they are currently in the Fridge cooling.

I feel this day was a marathon, and it is not done yet. It is only 14:14.

Up to watch the discourse, pack my stuff and food and head to see the family... & maybe prepare dinner.

Maybe I haven't shared details today... only that I have felt every bless of the day so far... I am sure more is about to happen too.... always blessing, always protection and always love.

May you all be happy, May you all be peace


Date to post May 16 2020
21th to publish

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Day 9 - Surprises & Discourse

It is the ending of day 9, it is 21:22 now, already finished the wonderful Discourse which I will share below... Goenkaji spoke today about many different stories, and lots of guidance, which keeps you always reflecting on how you lived your life and what has changed since you became aware.

For me, since I have taken this course in 2015, so many things have changed in my life... you can even read about it in the post about Vipassana which I posted in 2017. A lot of my own behavior has changed, my temper, my anger, my resistance to things, my way of being, my love and care, my presence to serve, and so much more.... and still there is a lot of work to do... One thing that was very important which he mentioned so many times in examples, is how we make our life miserable because of others, because of so and so.. because of this action or that action... without taking a moment and looking at ourselves to see what is the thing we need to change inside of us to not feel that misery anymore. When we want someone or something to change outside of us or around us, we need to change ourselves and what is inside.... This is something I speak a lot about in the guidance sessions, in the support groups... and I always say, there is always a place for improvement, even for myself.. and I still have a lot of work to do... I am not perfect and no one is...

Goenkaji also spoke about the 10 Paramis which we must take into consideration in our daily life.. as much as we can, and surely in the 10 days course...

and here they are:

  1. Generosity (dana)
  2. Moral conduct (sila)
  3. Renunciation (nekkhamma)
  4. Wisdom (paññā)
  5. Energy (viriya)
  6. Patience (khanti)
  7. Truthfulness (sacca)
  8. Determination (adhitthana)
  9. Loving-kindness (metta)
  10. Equanimity (upekkha)
When you watch the Discourse, you will have more insights and examples about each one... may this guide you to find more peace in your life... it is a daily work, training .... we work hard to get to the final goal... I will keep on working.

As far as for my day after what I have shared in the morning from the previous post... I did go for a walk, wonderful sun, sat down at the top, near the chalet to sunbath a bit, watching the people enjoying their moments.. jogging, skating, biking, loving their partners, playing with their kids, a wonderful scenery - may we go back to normal life where we can all be free from this confinement, be out without hesitation, no separation and no social distancing, where hugging, kissing, embracing becomes normal again.

On my way back home, I get a text from a good friend of mine who passed by in the afternoon to say hello, and as I have broken my silent, I welcomed him with lots of joy, we went for a walk, talked and embrace the moment of friendship again.

Coming back home, & before going in the building, I see an old lady trying to walk with her cane, and she simply says, oh wonderful, wonderful sun and breeze... slowly we open a small conversation, and I get to know that this was her first day out walking, as she had an injury, and AVC few years ago, many cancers, and lately a hip operation, and her Dr. recommended her to go out and walk, but she couldn't find any help, or personnel to help her walk... and we do have a downhill walk - which she is afraid to take alone- and in the conversation before I offer my assistance she mentioned that finally she was able to find a company that they will send her people to walk her out twice per week.

I have never met this lady before, even though she lives on the same floor as mine... she said that it has been 7 years that she is home. So we exchanged  phone numbers, and we walked a bit together around the street on the straight side around. And she was absolutely happy... and here is Metta in its place...

We spoke about energy, about eating healthy, and about sprouting, I even taught her how to make wheat-grass to make a juice with it - I know that will help a lot with her situation.

There are so many people out there who are alone... and they are not getting the help they need... so if you are reading this, and know anyone who need such assistance and for a reason or another can not provide it yourself, please do let me know, and I will be happy to be of service.

Just few minutes after, another friend comes by with a wonderful gift.... a gift for my BD... he is always generous, and always remembers me when he buys exotic fruits... and I get these wonderful fruits..

Sugar fruit, Pomegranate, Mango, Papaya, Guava

That was the best BD gift ever... I am so grateful. & I found that that his BD and mine are 7 days apart!

Just before he passed by, I couldn't resist the salad I made yesterday. so I made another one... I think my cravings are getting stronger due to PMsing. It happens few days in the month before the cycle starts!

Then during the discourse, I wanted some popcorn... but.. happily I didn't have... I remembered that I had something else that pops... Guess what it is!!!

It is Amaranth, An Ancient Grain With Impressive Health Benefits
and it is gluten free

This ancient grain is rich in fiber and protein, as well as many important micronutrients.

In particular, amaranth is a good source of manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

One cup (246 grams) of cooked amaranth contains the following nutrients (2): ref:https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/amaranth-health-benefits#section8

  • Calories: 251
  • Protein: 9.3 grams
  • Carbs: 46 grams
  • Fat: 5.2 grams
  • Manganese: 105% of the RDI
  • Magnesium: 40% of the RDI
  • Phosphorus: 36% of the RDI
  • Iron: 29% of the RDI
  • Selenium: 19% of the RDI
  • Copper: 18% of the RDI
Popping them was interesting, no oil, nothing.. just heat the pot, wait for it to be really hot, put one teaspoon and it pops in seconds.. put the first batch on the side and pop slowly the rest, each teaspoon at a time... and make sure not to burn them... add some salt and enjoy....

More craving for sweets came after.... so in my mind, thinking what can I mix together and enjoy a sweet taste...

and Boom. Apple Pear, coconut, Oats and maple syrup... case solved... but that is not it...
half the quantity made it a pudding, and the other half on the stove, heated...
mix together after and enjoy... and I did, every bite of it..

Maybe that is why I am still awake, as I am still digesting...

Apple Pear Pudding

I am not sure I will share these posts yet, day after day, I think about the benefits of what people will receive after reading these... and I am not sure yet..
When I wrote each post, it was and is happening in the moment... the emotions, the actions, the sensations, the motivation, the sharing, the excitements... ad since I have broken the silence, I feel, oh, ok so now what am I going to share.. so that motivation is not 100% present.. as just feeling the rush of life is almost back to normal...

So until then, will see.

Maybe people need to start subscribing to the blog to receive it... otherwise, I will post with whom ever is already following... and for whom ever ask about the experience or the challenge that I went through, I will guide them to read my journals here.

Time to get ready to meditate my last for the Day 9, and sleep for another day to blossom... Day 10!

Have a good night everyone... sweet dreams... breath in and out and start feeling your sensations... equanimity will get there.. just observe, anicca, anicca anicca, and be equanimous.

May you all be happy
May you all be at peace
May you all be free
May you all be liberated


Date to post May 14 2020
20th to publish

Day 9! Ahhhhh...

Following last night's last insights, and after having an evening shower, I decided to give myself a hair cut... simply to feel fresh!
Meditation after and sleep... what a wonderful resting night. Feeling accomplished already, and so ready to start sharing the Metta of my merits, although Metta day is on Day 10... just after yesterday's events.. and this morning's beautiful message, which I will share in few, all I can say, may this world awaken to the real truth, & find this truth within, to connect to Love and GOD.

This morning, I have this wonderful alarm that awakes me every day.... I think for instance I stopped using an alarm and was able to train my mind to wake up on specific hours... only that for this journey i decided to put it back. So yesterday and today, It played, I didn't snooze it and I listened, I listened to every word shared.... and oh, I simply got goosebumps every where in my being.

I am sharing it with you maybe you will use it as your alarm so when you need to awaken... you awaken to your truth and to your life.

I will share the video, as I am not able to share the song here. I am not finding the short version of the song ... the importance are the lyrics, here is the name simply google it. MOOJI Meditation ΰ₯ Return to Innocence.

Following that, got into the washroom, and up, I open again a page in another magazine..... Guess what my attention went on...

REBIRTH..... not the fat... Rebirth.... a nice message, isn't it... another push for the Magic of Life.
If you are curious to learn more about why I was happy to see that word... beside that I am on the challenge... it is also related to my name, one, and second, if you look into by Raw Love Quotes you will learn more. Plus, with all of this, the workshops I give for women & men I call them Rebirth.
So yes, that is why a big smile overtook my face this am.

So I was up by 5:30, shower, ready to meditate after this nice morning encounter, group sitting from 7 -8 again, and by 8:30 I finally video called my parents who live in another continent... and I was so happy to see them healthy, and happy. That is a blessing by itself.

I can't wait for everything to open again, so we can fly to be with them, hug them, spend time with them, and enjoy every moment. Life is precious... and they are too.

It is 10:00 already... my morning was slower then any other one, specially when you allow yourself checking some social media... and see this plandemic news out there... the really weird stories... removing our rights are humans to be... and this bigger society wanting to enslave the population... go figure.
I truly hope the people will awaken, and see the games planned behind all of this. In 2017, I had a nightmare, one, that I have already had before...if I describe it in details you will think I have watched a movie... like the ones they prepare for you to watch so you get a bit familiarized with what is coming.

Ans I remember that nightmare really well, as it was about VR, Virtual reality. Prior  to the dream, a friend of mine in New had a job opening for a VR informative store, and he needed someone to organize and manage events, so I thought being an event planner, why not applying. We are talking around the beginning of May 2017. That night, I remember I was with my sister and her family in Val-David, where we rented a chalet and decided to stay there for the weekend.

I remember that night really well, as I woke up from this night mare sweating, unbalanced and so rejecting what was coming. It is like it was telling me.... no, DON'T take that job.

..... The nightmare.....

We were in a closed place, mostly dark, all the people had VRs on their eyes, covering half of their faces, all wearing dark clothes, so many body guards around us, and the exit is no were to be found.... I see all these people with VR, in Black, but also with chips... in the brain, on one of the sides, ad you can see it clearly, and as if they are being told, and guided, how to move, what is the next step, how to jump, how to group together and fight, etc.... (I still remember all the details and it has been already 3 years since I had that dream, also again, it wasn't the first time I have seen it)

In my mind, in the dream, I knew I didn't want to be part of this, I have realized that I do not have all what the other people had. & realized, I might still have an option to escape, and all I need to do is to find someone who would join me... as only few are still left with no equipments on.

The moment I found one, we starting planning our escape, discussing how we can find the exit, watching the guards at every corner, their exchange timings, and doing everything to get out of this hell, not knowing what is awaiting for us outside. All we thought about is getting the hell out of here as, I personally, didn't want to be controlled by Machines and Artificial Intelligence.

Finally, and after going around, trying every single thought and idea that came to us... we find the way.... and when the time was up to leave.... seeing the exit right there... I turn to this person who decided to join... and he/she... says... oh no... I can't leave.... you go ahead alone... And I was SHOCKED... why, why do you want to stay in this prison, like a slave, treated like a piece of sh*t.... Al I saw myself doing after is running with all the energy that I still had.... running to breath the freedom.... running to be free.... and I woke up.... all sweaty, wet sweaty... like diving in water...

I truly don't wish this to our population, or the generations to come... there is a GOD, and there is FAITH.... do NOT let any Gov, Elite, I l l u m i n a t i, F***K You up.... It is ENOUGH. WAKE UP and SAY NO to what is coming that you feel will kill your freedom...

I had to go there with this post today... not sure why.... maybe, maybe, we can all come together this time and I won't be alone fighting for the freedom of human beings.

I need a break now... I need to go out and get some sun.... I just had my green juice which was awesome, I believe this one was with Pear. Still have the other with Apple, then I will juice again.

Till later my friends...

Date to post May 14 2020
19th to publish