Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Spring Master Cleanse Challenge

Spring is HERE!

It is the perfect timing to cleanse & clear our whole self from all kinds of the toxins; physically, mentally and spiritually.
The past two years haven't been easy for anyone, and there is a lot we need to flush out!
Here is your chance to join, a group of enthusiasts, who are SAYING YES to release and cleanse their body, mind and spirit.
This Challenge consists of the following:
*21 Days Juice Fasting Cure
*Energy Healing
*Balancing and Healing Chakras
*Body Movements
*Weekly Online Meetings
* And Support Group
The Juice Fast Starts on Friday April 8
First Weekly meeting Wednesday April 6

to prep ourselves for the challenge, set up our intentions, and get our groceries ready for the 21 Days
Weekly meetings every Wednesday
12 PM EST & 7PM EST (Depending on the Group size and Time Zones)
21 Days Juice Fast runs from April 8 to April 28
During this period, each participants will receive 2 Energy Healing Sessions
Energetic Contribution:
-Daily Juicing Recipes (4 Juices per Day for 21 days)
-2 Energy Healing Sessions/Participant
-Weekly Online Group Call
-Chakra Information, Healing & Balancing
-Emails with Suggestions, Meditations, Yoga Postures, & Inspirational Videos
*Bonus, my Upcoming Book Gratitude Juices

Should you feel called to join for one week, energetic contribution will be 222$, Two Weeks 333$

Please sign up before April 5 in order to receive the email with all the details about the calls, recipes, etc...
Here is the form to sign:
Only few days before we start! Please Share and Sign up!


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