Monday, January 19, 2015

Planting seeds for a new Start

Last few days I have been working hard on preparing for the Sprouting workshop which took place last Wednesday with Linda Frees at Lola Rosa Park - It was an amazing successful activity, we were around 12 people, together we learned how to sprout, using three different methods, the Jars, the Soil and the bag strainer.

Just few days before, I have decided to prepare few bundled packages to sell during the workshop in order to give everyone the chance to try other seeds, and do some home discoveries.

Monday, I went and bought the seeds from Club Organic, bought the Big Jars to distribute to every participants as a take home sprouting kit, and I prepared 2 Jars with the different seeds, mix of Alfalfa and Red Clover in one, and a mix of Lentils and Mung Beans in the other.

I realized that I had lots of seeds that I can share, after filling all the 30 Jars, so I decided to do some search to find small jars which I can use as additional seeds for people to buy.

On the same night, after filling all the big jars, I realized that something is missing, the branding, and labeling each jar with what it contains.

I thought about creating the labels alone, after doing some research, I realized that I will need to photoshop, or illustrate some designs which I am not familiar with, so I contacted my brother's girlfriend, Monique Aoun, who is a talented graphic designer, and asked her to create something nice for the Jars.

at 2 am she started, and the second day I received an email with the design, sent to me at 3:30 am. I was amazed by her fast design, the image, and the connection to the nature, green, and sprouts.

Here is what she came out with and I am so grateful:


 With this, I created different bundles:
Love in a Jar - Health in a Jar - Positivity in a Jar
and other packages like:
Clear your Soul - Harmony - Love - Oneness - Clarity

All of this was prepared in less the 24 hours, all hand made, and most of the decoration was packed using recycled materials from home.

I was super happy with the outcome, thanks to by brother Riad and Monique who helped in the process.
Here are some photos I am sharing from the event, enjoy!
Linda and Reina
The participants
Sprouting with the Soil
Table & Jar Preparation

Sprouting using the Bag Strainer

Thanks again to all the participants, to Linda Frees and to Lola Rosa for hosting us.

Following this workshop, I realized that my first workshop of 2015 was sprouting, in a deep meaning, it is planting the seeds for new experiences - I wish you all start planting some seeds of life, and harvest all the positivity, love and harmony that it caries with it.

Looking forward to seeing you during another workshop.

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