Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Glamorous Healthy Holiday Ho Ho Ho!

Dear friends! 

I’m gonna be running a giveaway holidays gifts from November 20 till December 4 ( winners will be announced on December 5th)
All on my Raw Love Recipes Instagram account Raw Love Recipes by La Reina & Raw Healing 
Amazing gifts giveaways many incredible sponsors joined in!
It will be running only for USA & Canada due to delivery limitations 
Some of the giveaways is a
Along with other detox programs, gifts and discounts!
Please do follow the accounts should you be interested to win! 
& should you have a special product you would like to giveaway, please do contact me by message!
(Products must be related to healthy plant based food, coaching programs, healthy lifestyle) 
It is getting exciting!! 
Info to be displayed soon! 

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