Thursday, March 24, 2022

Transform To Become Whole With Reina Hallab

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Welcome to Life Transformation Radio.  
In this episode, Reina Hallab and I discuss how to shift our perspective to connect to the oneness within and transform to become whole & complete. 
So if you want The Power of Acceptance, The Power of the Mind, and The Power of the Heart so you can live in alignment, tune in now! 
About Reina 
Reina Hallab is Empowering Public Speaker,Energy Healing Catalyst,and Healthy Vibrant Lifestyle passionate, intuitive, caring, and loving being. 
She is a bundle of energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, and confidence and has such a thirst for life.  
More Information 
Learn more about Reina by visiting 
@Raw_Healing  @RawLoveRecipes @RawMarketingInc
Thanks for Tuning In!

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