Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Prayers in the Church

I got tired to write the other day, was late at night and had a long day of work. But this didn't stop me from writing in my personal note my experience during the Prayers in the Church.

It touched my heart when I joined them for the mass on Tuesday for prayers. The signs made more meanings then the words. For a first time I attend such a graceful and blissful prayers with kids who, from their heart, are praising for God.
Their personality, their confidence, I dare you stand up at the altar and pray like they do. For instance I wanted to join them, although my faith is different, but still I praise the same God.
I wish I was allowed to take a video to show the world how beautiful to see them praying, thanking God, where most of us forget to do, about everything they have, their school, their friends, their teachers, their visitors and volunteers, to help this person get well, and that person to succeed in the exam, you see them asking God for a lot of things, but nothing in particular for themselves other then succeeding in the exam, whereas other people might give God a bigger list for oneself.. Maybe.

Their beauty and believe in their eyes, the truthfulness about their love, their actions and themselves. No judgments, no one else is better, we are all equal. How wonderful is that.
Do you think we can be the same, or at least as equal as they are, as honest and loving? All the time almost?

It teaches us a lot when we experience the life of others, forgetting about one self and choosing to see the happiness from another side, shows us other meanings of life and mostly appreciation.

I refer here to couple of my old quotes which I wrote for other reasons, although works well with this blog:

"Beauty, is Only the soul's positive energy spread all around projecting to the outer world the excellent thoughts and the gracious behavior of a human - RH "
December 17-2011
"Life is too precious; live it up enjoying every second of it. Heal yourself through beautiful thoughts, smile & happiness. Spread the love around! - RH "
February 5 – 2012"
There are still lots to write about ... the details of every day, the people I have met, the way kids come to you and play with you, then ask you in their own way to take pictures...
Their graduation and end of the year party, their dance, singing and laughters... Yes, if you see the video, you wouldn't believe they are deaf....
 To be cont'd
 La Reina

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