Sunday, July 28, 2013

7 days Juice Fasting

Been few month since I have last written anything on my blog. Life has been busy, between a new job, my own company, my family and social life, time flew by. Although some updated, smoothies, juices and others are being tweeted and available on my Facebook fan page. But not details and full recipes on Raw Love Recipes.

Today, July 28, is my 7th day of Juice Fasting - I can't state yet my exact feeling, as some days I feel great, and others I feel tired, sleepy, and mostly hungry!

Last Monday, I have decided to jump into this kind of fasting, for the sake of my acne... been trying for the past 2 years to be acne free - this being adult acne... Unfortunately, it is not yet happening. I am giving myself another week to hopefully notice some results, but my challenge should go to 3 weeks! (Worried that I might not be able to handle it)

Family, during this month, are gathered everyday for dinner, and my mother is cooking all kinds of delicious meals, not only vegan or vegetarian, but still, when you can't eat anything, your mouth drops just by seeing FOOD.

I am drinking the food, that is the difference, mostly all kinds of Leafs, Vegetables, and Fruits. Looking for recipes online, and sometimes creating my own -

The first few days I juiced and I blended, juices, smoothies and soups, but in total I have prepared 24!
It is important to have all your ingredients Organic or Local. I can't say that such a diet is cheap, on the contrary, you use a lot more ingredients that you think you need... and when you get hungry, you will need to juice right away.

Drinking water all the time is also important, so keep a bottle at hand all the time. I add lemon to my water from time to time. I will need to buy jars in order to prepare natural flavored water.

One problem I have been having for the past few days, even with all the juicing, is constipation.
It is not a subject you want to know or hear about, but this is a major importance for your body to function. When we were young, my father used to tell us the story about the body organs, asking us the Question: "who is the most important organ in the body?", giving us a choice between the "Brain" and the "Anus". We thought it would be the Brain, but not exactly, as if the Anus decided to stop functioning, then most of the body organs fail to do their job.

I have done few readings, tried yesterday warm water with Lemon, added castor oil in my juices, it worked a bit for a day, I am worried that this doesn't work later in the coming days... as the body needs to eliminate all the waste, and surely I don't want my skin to get irritated by this ... I prefer to start having a clearer skin.

Anyhow, that last part was a bit personal, but I am sure you mostly have this problem too from time to time.

Looking forward to juicing for the coming week, hoping I won't loose lots of weight as this is not my aim as I weight only 123.4 pound.

I will post all the juices, recipes, ingredients and pictures for you if you wish one day to give it a try - best timing is spring, summer or Autumn, don't do it in winter as it is too cold, and our body needs to be warm.

Here is a preview of what I have prepared so far:

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