Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Life Change - More Powerful Healing Hands

Today, and after almost a year since I wrote on my blog, 8 days in difference, (for me 8 symbolizes Eternity) I felt like sharing a beautiful experience, I wasn't even expecting it was gonna happen to me.

Since the beginning of July, I have been juice fasting. Yes, it is a ritual which I have been following year after year, which is very much helping me go through a good cleansing. 20 days has passed and I feel more life has gone into me, and I feel Incredible.

(Juicing Recipes to be shared in a form of an e-book, stay tuned.)

Today, marks The Day I earned my Reiki Master Degree. It was a great honour for me, to have received a great initiation by my previous Master Elen, for whom I am so grateful. And  it was in the presence of my precious mother,  where lots of amazing bonding happened, who also became a Reiki Master.

I am, officially a Reiki Master, and I offer the world, every human, animal, the nature and living being all my gratitude and my love.

I will be available to answer your questions, offer you a distant healing if far, and one-on-one healing if I am in your area, in addition to soon starting to offer initiation classes.

You can easily reach me for your Raw Healing.
write me on Rawloverecipes(at) and I will be here for you.

With love, harmony and positivity, I wish you all a beautiful night.
La Reina
Raw Healing


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