Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am back!

Sitting down in my dinning room, looking through the window, overseeing the clouds, fog and rain, on this Irish weather day, with my Mac open on my blog page, while sipping my 2nd Spicy Vegan Hot Chocolate. Tasting Yummy of course! Missing the fact of writing, sharing, and going back on track of what I have left for almost a month.

Looking back through the past stressful three weeks, overloaded with project preparations and handling, and remembering waking up this morning, on my favorite month of the year, the 1st of May, wondering what is going to be my new challenge. 

For instance I felt my life was out of track, focusing on one of my important projects of the year and leaving parts of my life aside.

Started my day with what we call spring cleaning, as for me, my life will get back in line if my personal stuff, closet, papers, etc… are well organized and in place.

Right now, I am feeling so relaxed just with the idea and the act that I am writing. This sensation is awesome, putting my words out; my mind, and getting connected with my readers give me this upper lifting feeling, which I cannot describe.

I realized that I do miss writing, and it is not because of an obligation, on the contrary, it really flourish my internal senses, and helps me craft my words and sentences to share and feel the freedom of thoughts, leaving the stress away.
A lot of things I would love to share with you, new recipes, quotes, arts, life experiences, and a lot more… How exciting, can’t wait for the day to script all of this and share it with you!

Speaking about vegan hot chocolate, I am sure you would love to get the recipe. 
Spicy Hot Chocolate

Prepare these ingredients:
30g (1/4 cup) Cocoa Powder
35g (1/4 cup) Coconut butter
4 pitted dates
40g (1/4 cup) Cashew nuts
500ml (2 cups) Hot water

Cocoa Powder
Cashew Nuts

Coconut Butter

To make it spicy like I did, add the below:
1.8 t.s. Cayenne pepper
1.8 t.s. Ginger, grounded
1.8 t.s. Cinnamons, grounded
1.8 t.s. Clove, grounded
1.8 t.s. Anis, grounded (didn't add any in mine)


Put all the ingredients in the Vitamix, and blend!

Savor the hot taste of spicy chocolate!

Bon Appétit!

La Reina
Recipe from: Crudessence Recipe Book

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