Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A life change, a life challenge

Since I started writing, I followed this quote:

“1-1-2012 and the adventures are starting.
Every day, for 365 days, do something new, for a first time, a service, an activity, a trip, a surprise, anything, bring in the spices to your life and make it a memorable year! Cheers!!!”
                                     Date: 1-1-2012
I did manage so far to add spices to my life, to create interesting challenges, and enjoy every moment of it. Started by skiing and raising money for kids with cancer, to challenging my knowledge in the kitchen in the raw food and raw desserts, which I adore, and a lot much more activities...

May was full of surprises, meeting new people, and bonding with others. I had a magnificent birthday gathering full of lovely friends and close ones. Met a lot of new interesting people through different other get-together. I didn't get the chance to write and keep you entertained, as I was being taken care by a lovely and incredible person.

The weekend of the 25th to 28th, and for a 1st time, I will be going for a yoga retreat for self-empowerment and personal growth with the Isha foundation
I advice you to try it, as participating with other programs has empowered me in a way.

June will be even more challenging, as I will be volunteering in a new country, to work on a market study to help kids with hearing problems and get them knowledgeable about hearing aids. For that month, I will be focusing on kids, and won't probably have the time to work on my cooking and keep you amused with new recipes. I ask you to please encourage me during my new life helping experiment.
World Wide Hearing

Have a lovely end of May and June and stay tuned to my stories and adventures.

La Reina

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