Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First Year Anniversary

Today is the day for celebrations. December 5, 2011 is when I officially registered my Marketing Company, my Raw Marketing Inc!

Who is Raw Marketing Inc and what do we do:

It is an Independent Marketing Company.
One of its missions is to help new small businesses flourish through guiding them with pure creative ways to market their industry.
Raw Marketing will help U create your business image, brand, & your business presence in the online media; i.e. social networks, blog.
Another focus for Raw Marketing is to assist in developing Marketing Projects, Business Market Integration and Event Planning.

I am very happy and satisfied with what I have been doing so far to build my portfolio, and the list of clients I have volunteered and worked with so far.

I chose the name Raw because it is the purity of thoughts, ideas and creativity. And for the past years, this name has been hovering in my life and making the changes on all levels, it only took me few seconds to decide on it, and bang registered it.

I would like to thank every single person who, for the past year, has been very supportive, from family members, to friends, colleagues and ex-colleagues and of course my clients who put their confidence in me and gave me opportunity to walk along with them and climb my stairs into success.

Cheers to many years to come, to success and surely to see more potential clients jumping into my list of loyal partners!

With respect, love and loyalty to You!

Reina Hallab