Thursday, December 13, 2012

My September Sparkles

September for me this year held lots of nice adventures. It was the perfect way to move on from the beautiful hot summer getting into the Indian summer in my beloved Montreal.

Had a marvelous connection with everything around me, feeling the real belonging which developed inside me and crafted my contagious smile along with my positive energy which was felt by close persons surrounding me. 

My moments were to be envied for, and still are. Got inspired to write few of my beautiful quotes "in French":
Nous nous sommes retrouvés dans une même âme et même esprit, on est tombé amoureux avec l'énergie émouvante qui nous élève et enrichit notre vie -RH
October 3-2012
On s'est trouvé, attiré par une énergie magnifique qui nous a transformé notre vie, qui nous a amené ensemble pour découvrir un avenir exquis-RH
October 3-2012 
Adding to few others which I will share with you shortly below. 

Strange sometimes how the burst of feelings and passions come along, together, to be beautifully joined with another, living the real moments, where, that specific second, minute and hour freezes. Here is when I wrote this one:
My time freezes when I'm in your arms, your charm, your eyes, your sweet smile all together embrace me warmly-RH 
September 22 -2012
On another thought, keep in mind that the Universe, when calling it asking for guidance, for a wish, it replies, I personally have totally experienced it, specially that I am a big believer of energy, which, when within, feeling the positivity inside out, everything around you becomes dazzling, but, when it is not, you start attracting the negative...for that... always surround yourself with good moments, good energy and push away negative thoughts. 

Few adventures started with these quotes:
Building the stones of the perfect relationship recipe is cooked with four basic ingredients: 100% Respect, two way Communication, full Trust & and a pure transparent Honesty – RH 
September 18-2012
A life can transform in a second, that second belongs to you, switch, light up & embrace the power of the universe, you never know what is hiding for you. Believe in it & you'll be created with its energy - RH 
September 21-2012
Always choose your second wisely, in order not to miss the open book of the splendid fireworks which will fire-up your life. 

Those sparkles will drive the road for eternal passion, magic, and conceive a glowing flower, I shall call it the flower of love. 

Always maintain the basic stones of the relation, any kind of relation, it can be love, friendship, family, or business. The four columns which, if solid enough, will never be broken by any external factor, even if the wind gets stronger. 

Now, from September crossing all the way to December, closing the book for my last few months of my 2012 blossoming year, and looking forward to picking all its marvelous fruits in 2013, remembering a dear friend who once told me, always discover the 400 opportunities around you, uncover the mind, the heart and the spirit, getting out of the comfort zone in order not to miss any and jump in the leap of faith (I added the last one with the leap of faith), I reply saying, I might have lost 1 opportunity, but I still have 399 to discover, and as I always say, the sky is the limit... 

Lately, I have wrote lots of quotes, it might be repetitive, or around similar thoughts, but I got inspired by observing many things happening around me... and like I said in an older blog;

It touches deeply my soul every time I type, starting from the first word to the end. I get this emotional tangible feeling, an internal warmth aiding my fingers to play around touching every letter with deep sentiments. 

I have never thought that one day I will be able to calligraphically project this burst of emotion, passion and love into words, a phrase, or even a quote. 

Leaving you with few more:
Strange how someone can forget the world in your presence, leaves everything behind for your company, & creates magical surprises for you, crafting smiles which last forever, then, forever ends - RH 
November 26, 2012
Around you tons to satisfy your eyes, but only one to savor your heart, surrounded by hundreds murmuring words, but only one will serve you the world - RH
Always look for the one who appreciates you, respects you, and above all knows how to communicate with you, the one who when embracing you spreads the feeling of security, love and above all his true honesty –RH
October 20-2012
Always go back to your beliefs, ask and be honest with the universe, with the power which will lead your life, for God who, will show you the way. 

Be born with the vitality of the globe:
Typing those striking letters, conceiving perfect sentences and marking your wisdoms into impeccable thoughts, are creating your world of desire, pointing to the universe your genuine aspiration to be born with its vitality – RH
November 13-2012
Live in harmony, positivity and love! 
La Reina

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