Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's Christmas!

December 24, 2012, I was with the people I love, I was with my family celebrating a wonderful eve over dinner. With my 2.5 years old nephew putting Santa's hat and distributing the gifts, he looked so cute and was so happy playing the role of Santa.
We exchanged the gifts last night as today each is going his way to different cities, countries, to celebrate with the rest of the family abroad.

We all know what Christmas is, and what it symbolize, but, for a difference, I have decided to give it a new twist:
"Red, is the color of the heart, presents, are for all the magnificent life surprises, a tree, is for our lifetime, and a star, is our wish for a miracle.

My wish for you this Christmas is to embrace your loved ones, heal every person's heart, spirit and emotions, to build a roof upon each needy, bring them food, health, and warmth. For a miracle to bring peace over the world, to live in harmony together without any judgments, hatred, envyness and ego.
It is a holy night, make a wish for God, and through Santa, and under your tree, you will find it.

Merry Christmas!"
La Reina

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