Friday, May 8, 2020

Day 2 Self-Course Vipassana & Water Fasting

To my surprise, I look at the watch, and it is already 6:20 am!!! I have missed my morning wake up alarm, and the on my own meditation & chanting.

Hopped in the shower, and was ready for the 7 am online group sitting.

Tired, sleepy, my meditation kind of failed, I would open my eyes after 20 or so minutes, although we are supposed to have a full hour meditation every time we meditate... so I keep meditating.

Had all my water, water preps, and herbal teas & ready to take a walk...

Looked up the weather, and realized it will be sunny and zero wind till 1 pm, so I switched the timing and decided to go for a walk and sun bath... being in the sun gives a lot of prana and energy, so I bathed myself with its light. only walked for 5.6 km & sat around 30 min in the sun! how wonderful.

During each walk, and specially during the course, 1st, you are silent, 2nd you are consciously breathing, third, you start observing  mindfully everything that is there, the trees, the flowers, the nature, the skies, the clouds, the wind... all the natural beauties... and also, to my surprise, the people's littering....

As I have mentioned before, the quarantine, since 36 days now.. so the workers in Mont Royal parc are not there... and people are still walking, consuming and throwing in the full loaded garbage can.. instead of walking few meters away and find another can... Here is photo of it.

The distance between the two

I will also add photos of the flowers, and magnificent things I encountered during the walk (my phone is off, I used it only to measure the km walked.. and snapped some photos) also, need to mention, my smelling sensations increased... yes, I was smelling beautiful smells, even from far!

So a wonderful start of day, regardless the late wake up and change of morning plans.

Coming back home, I drink & drink and drink then I meditate... also heads falls down, my sitting position hurts (oh I didn't mention that I had a fall on the 31st of December 2019 right on my tail bone)... and yes yes yes, it still hurts every time I sit down.. so imagine meditating for a full hour, or sometimes more with that pain... it is all about learning equanimity.

Followed again a recording group sitting at 2:30 followed by stretching yoga few poses for 20 min.

& forgot to mention, during the meditation, my mind wandered around again... thinking about the food, what can I make from the tiny things I have.. which is almost nothing... I remembered a year ago I had put a raw soup in the freezer... and my weaknesses got me to take it out... the mind, the mind... is simply a manipulator... I added some spices, heated it up and had it very very very slowly.... the taste is so so... do I regret, I can't say, maybe... I should have stick to my program.

One of the hardest thing to do is to self-commit, in this way. I have committed to myself in the plant based food for 8 years (maybe cheated here and there - and always try never to buy anything at home so I do not smell it... but when I go to my sister or parents in Lebanon, I get to have a great commitment, which might slip once or twice during a whole months or 2 period...

Anyhow... coming back to now. Finishing the soup and getting ready for my 6pm online group sitting, followed by the discourse of the second day... excited what Mr. Goenka will speak about... then meditate for 30 min & head to bed.

Here is the video of Day 2 Discourse... and Yes, it did answer a LOT of my questions... if it is not for the evening discourses, I would have stopped any minute.. this gives me the power and the motivation to continue.

Tomorrow is another day, Day 3! Let's see how that goes!

Have yourselves a wonderful evening,

May you all find the peace within, live in harmony and enjoy every moment of your life.


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