Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Day 8 - 2 more days to GO!

Today... what a wonderful day, sunny, breezy, woke up at 4:40, did some Vipassana while lying down, as it was mentioned during yesterday's Discourse.
What a wonderful Discourse by the way, Day 6 he was speaking about the Our Inner Enemies, and Day 7 it was about Our Inner Friends.. more to elaborate later.

Going to the bathroom to wash up and get ready,  I usually have magazines on the counter, so I decided to open a page randomly.

First I read, diabetes... I am like what? Then I read Renna... I am like no way... The word that didn't get to my attention at first was THRIVING!!!!
can you believe it! so I started reading the article, even before reading Thriving... and I start thinking, NO I DON'T Have Diabetes, as I haven't had sugar, processed sugar since over 11 years now if not more... I do have dates, maple syrup, honey and of course fruits... but not in a big quantity.

So I starting thinking again, and I do realize that because I haven't done any grocery shopping since April 12, 2020, and the things I had in the fridge were:
Beets & Celery... and mixed sprouts... I am like I had to eat beets for almost a week time (2 big Beet roots) will that create an issue? I don't think so...

Then, I have prepared Kombucha, which I have used Rooibos tea  and I did add cane sugar, or which ever "healthy" type of sugar I had... and had some left over in the pot... so I have mixed that Rooibos with the other herbal tea I was having for two days.. (like 750ml maybe) as the main was already filled in the Kombucha jar (which is fermenting still)... not sure either!

Then, in one of the water I was preparing, I had lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and apple vinegar cider.... naaaa...
Since I started this challenge, I also had 2/3 spoons of honey... I remember they used to give us one spoon per day in Egypt....

Anyways, with all that I don't think I can become diabetic... can I!!!

So again... this is where the mind takes you... to think over and over and wonder.... knowing that in my family we have a disposition for it.

Now reading the title again!!

THRIVING.... is the word that I should have READ & RENNA as both are in different fonts... and BOLD. So go Figure the messages sent by the universe! THANK YOU UNIVERSE!

So showering, and getting ready, snapped a photo of the view around the rising sun, and a photo of myself... which I haven't done in a long time.. and I noticed.... the more white hair.... seriously... is that what I should look at... I think I have to do another 10 days again... so this monkey mind of mine get trained enough... I feel I am back 10 years ago and going through the same journey again... but a bit differently.

Group sitting Meditation this morning was really amazing, I got to be able to focus on the breath, some sensations here and there, before that I was listening to the morning chanting while preparing my warm lemony water after having 1L of water when I woke up.

That was a good start for the day.

Guess what I did next! ...... I went grocery shopping.... I said... of course after my mind went by all over the place with diabetes... and all the mixed things I had with the cravings... I said... ONLY GREENS... nothing more.

So I shopped for the following... didn't even allow myself to go around the shelves to see, like I love doing...

Red & Yellow pepper

I still have at home, Ginger and Turmeric so I started juicing when I got home...

Just had my first Green juice


Then made 3 others... different types, one that has Kiwi, without the dandelion, then second with Pear without dandelion, parley and coriander, added Ginger and Turmeric (after I remembered them) and a third with Apple.

And here you go!
Right to Left:
Totally Green - With Apple, with Kiwi, with Pear

And what do I do with the Pulp? I freeze it.... for later to make some Burgers!!!

Juicing Pulp

So here is what y fridge looked like before and after!! (Haven't had greens since over a month now... well not really I did have sprouts and I am still sprouting... here are my lovely Lentil Sprouts
Fridge before

And After
I will be adding one juice to the water fast per day.. and no more junky, recycling what ever things for now... Focus Focus Focus

Ok enough talking about juices, now it is time to meditate again and group sitting after... then go for a walk on this sunny beautiful day..

I will later on, or maybe tomorrow write you about the Inner Enemies and the Inner Friends.. the ones we need to let go of and the ones we need to nourish... (you can also listen to the discourse and you will learn a lot with stories and examples)

Date to post May 13 2020
17th to publish

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