Monday, May 11, 2020

Speaking about Food during this Water Fast / Liquid fast Challenge

What I have realized today during my meditation (May 11, 2020) is that it is not about eating, it is all about cooking... this is what I miss.

Preparing meals, mixing things, making juices, smoothies, granolas, dehydrating, (I am currently sprouting to be able to prepare things in the coming days), that is exactly what I miss, time in the kitchen.

I have experienced many things lately, specially during the quarantine period, I even made bread, from the little ingredients I have.

So the idea is not just make something and find the recipe online, it is more then that... First look in the cupboard, see what is available, check any recipe for any thing I had in mind, and try to see what can I use from what I have. As mentioned in an earlier post, I haven't been grocery shopping for almost a month (and yes, I miss that too.... I love being in the grocery shop... ask my friend Manny, he saw me glowing inside one.. just seeing the abundance of food, the organic produce, and products... oh yes I miss that... soon, very soon I will head to TAU Laval or Mile End Epicery soon.)

Trying to be smart with what is available. Like for example, before my 2:30 pm sitting today, I decided to take out some carrot pupls I saved from juicing almost a month ago, and put it in a pot, with garlic, turmeric, ginger, water and organic vegetable broth, and left it there on very low temperature to cook. What I have realized is that my meditation was really flowing with vibration, from the top of the head all the way down, really nicely with lots of equanimity, oh that was wonderful... until my belly started making noises from the laxative herbal tea I had this morning, but nothing has occured yet. I think, just the thought that I prepared the soup, being in the kitchen gave me the pleasure... not sure if that is a Shila, or what does he call it... it is a nice pleasure to prepare anyways, I feel good, and that helped my mind to be so present & I did enjoy the meditation.

Now having the soup on the stove, waiting so soon I put it in the vitamix to mix it and maybe allow myself to take few sips.

I just wanted to mention this today... as I found another pleasure then writing... which is cooking...
funny I am saying that, and noticing that this Blog was created in 2012 because I loved writing and was truly inspired... and my challenge was to learn how to prepare raw food, as I couldn't afford spending my salary at Crudessence, back in the days... go figure... who thought one day I can mix things without the need for the ingredient book (check one of the first posts...) and follow every recipe in each book that I had to translate so I can post it here ...from french to English...

I guess, all of this is a wonderful reminder, and a great gift to remember.... we all have gifts within us.. dig deeper and they shall blossom.

Love ya!!

PS: I have been food recycling! I find this very interesting... the taste though... definitely needs a lot of adjustments

Carrot pulp - Garlic - Turmeric - Ginger - Dried spices (Onion, celery, rosemary, thyme, herbal salt, Coriander)

Taste was so so - that I had to squeeze a lemon and add black pepper to taste a bit better

So the few things I have prepared during the past days...

A look like miso soup

This one I added water with organic miso broth, plus these algae

I added it because it contains a lot of Iron and Vitamin B12

and it looked like this - had a small cup and froze the rest.

As for this one, I made one small cup, then throw the rest... it was way too expired...

Mouloukia Soup

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