Saturday, May 9, 2020

Day 4 - Learning Vipassana procedure & more to come

 Today is the day, where you start the process of learning Vipassana which is the operation of purifying the mind.

The mind being always agitated, it is not easy to train it to calm down, it is a long process of anapana, which is the first step to allow the mind to calm, so the feeling of the sensations on the upper lip below the nostrils start vibrating.

Here is a Mini Anapana meditation, should you feel like trying it

Last night's Discourse was interesting, my meditation afterwards was ok, not as rewarding as the night before... Mr. Goenka speaks about experiencing the moment as it is, and not getting attached to the moments before, as everything is impermanent - Anicca - anicca - anicca, the good feelings and the uneasy feelings they are all anicca - anicca - anicca (spelled Anitsha)

Definitions of Anicca will share it in another post, here are some words of Dhamma (Universal Law of Nature)

Words of Dhamma
Sabbe saṅkhārā aniccā’ti
yadā paññāya passati,
atha nibbindati dukkhe;
esa maggo visuddhiyā.
All things are impermanent
when one observes this with insight,
then one becomes detached from suffering;
this is the path of purification.

 I will write a blog referring to the sources from about all what we need to know about this practice, and the words used to define every step, information, etc...

Today, again waking up at 6:02, drinking 1L of water, hopping in the shower & getting ready for the online group sitting from 7-8:15 and now, luckily, they are organizing from 9 - 12 online group meditation, which will help me deepen my practice. How lucky is this to be already starting to enter Vipassana's day and I am receiving the assistance, help I asked for. I am simply grateful.

I made a herbal tea now, thyme, rosemary, ginger and turmeric, which helps my day to start, food intake wise.

I will get ready for my 3 hours meditations, then I planned to clean the apartment, & again meditate ... hoping the weather later will permit for a nice calm walk outside.

Stay tuned....

Have a good day

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