Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Day 8 - Follow up

I just finished the Day 8 Discourse, and honestly I already feel so satisfied with everything that I learned on this journey... as the journey continues... Goeknaji spoke a lot in this discourse about our inner peace and how we transmit it to others in our daily life... and how, every gift we receive from others, whether it is anger, hatred, fear, we always give back love and compassion. And this made me realize that I have been doing this for the longest period, specially after I took the 1st course, a real change happened within me, and I started passing the Dhamma to others in a way that I have experienced. & this is a blessing... I am so grateful. This was a great summary of the reason I am on this path, we start we self to heal others... always...

So by taking these few days on my own, without any connection to the outer world and dive deeper in the inner world has given me a lot of insights, despite the challenge of fasting, merging two modalities that should have never been mixed... I might have taken a fruit from one and a fruit from the other, not the whole tree... or the way I see it more clearly, is that by taking this journey, I fertilized more my earth, where my tree is planted, and I took a bit from Vipassana and a bit from the fast... and what I added to it... with what I will call craving food.. is the compost.

Tomorrow is the last day in silence... although I will tell you later what happened today, and Friday usually is the day where we learn a new meditation called Metta... and then the noble silence is over... we get to chat with everyone around, enjoy lunch and teas together... then meditate, and the second morning we depart after meditation.

I will share later here the discourse of today's 8th Day.... May you all learn from it... may you all be Happy, Peaceful and in Harmony with the Universal Law of Life = Dhamma.

So to tell you what happened today.
You know, since I have started, I never had a vocal conversation with anyone.. following the noble silence... even when I go for a walk and someone says hello or bonjour, I simply smile shyly. & the only other typing conversations, was a simply message to mum and sister to let them know I am alright.

Only today, as I went to the grocery store, I did say hello, to be polite... otherwise how will they know I am on a silent retreat  - although at the beginning I did write a note " I am on a silent retreat till May 17" and carried it with me. (I did mention May 17, as after 9 days of silence, you don't want to get in the chatter with the outside word right away... 1st my speech will be slow... as I am in my silent mind... 2nd to many discussions and talks, specially about the situation outside... no thank you.. I will take few days before I hit out.

So in the store, if you need something you have to ask for it... so that was my longest conversation for the morning... and i was happy that I kind of kept it little.

Came back home, now you know most of the story as I wrote it in the previous post... so let's go back to after.

So after having set around 1pm for a meditation, I was tempted by the sun to get out... and I counted this sitting as a group sitting... so I did go for the walk a 9km total. Satisfying. Plus with the beautiful sun, the wonderful breeze... you can not ask for better, it was simply perfect.

On the way in the path between the trees... I see a friend... Gisele, I, of course, didn't shout, I kept low and looking at her... then her friend, I guess mentioned that there is a lady looking at you! hahaha.... so when she turned... I came to say hi quietly... saying that I am on the retreat... and then the small shy voice slowly started coming out.... asking, answering, sharing, a quick conversation (though for me it felt it was slow as I needed to take time to speak and express) maybe like 10 min, I guess. So Gisele, is my very good friend since few years now, and we have been traveling together in the past two years to Lebanon to share the knowledge of the Thai Yoga Massage, as she is a teacher, and I am her student...( all photos and our adventures are on our facebook pages (Seto Synergies, Raw Love Recipes, Raw Healing, Raw Marketing, and definitely more on instagram) and we organized workshops/retreats and we participated in multiple events... so we did become close... so imagine not saying hello to a dear friend when you see them after 9 days home alone! & we hugged, that was nice to connect after this pandemic not allowing you to touch anyone... how crazy is that... anyways, I won't go in discussing about this pandemic, plandemic situation.. cause it is going far beyond that it truly is. Manipulation, slavery, fear, separation, etc... what we need to do as people is stay connected and share more LOVE and Compassion.

That was a beautiful encounter for the day.. heading back home, the sun was still out, I had a call from an assistant teacher of Vipassana answering some of my questions that I left during the group sittings.. of course as my phone is mostly off, we agreed on a time to make sure I answer. And that was my first phone conversation since May 6... I was asking how can I teach kids the method, as there is a special mini anapana video and recording on the website that I believe I have shared in the previous posts... and my question was because soon, I will finally be going to see my nephew and niece, and I told them I will be in a silent retreat and water fast, so I won't be coming to see you ( which was the hardest thing to do, specially that they are home and I haven't seen them since April 12, until May 2.. which was the longest for me, when I am in town.) So to go for another 10 days is already a lot. But when I was home in April, I wasn't alone, so I couldn't benefit from the time to practice that... I had to wait for my flatemate to move out to be actually able to sit without disturbing anyone, and neither be disturbed.

Anyhow, I wanted to learn how I can communicate that to them, and inform them about why I took this time off... and maybe teach them the anapana.

Well first, when I go there, I will see if they will ask, and when they do, at least I will be prepared.

Sat down for a meditation group sitting after, and the sun was right in my face, so beautiful... not sure how much I meditated as I was so much enjoying the warmth of the sun and its beauty.

As mentioned, I have felt that today was so satisfying for me... and the challenge is an enjoyment... and always a journey... so what I have accomplished  is already a gift, regardless of all the ups and downs that passed by along the way... isn't it life anyways... ups and downs.. and we only need to learn how to be equanimous, and allow, with love and compassion, what ever comes to leave or stay...

So, allowing is what I did.... I allowed myself to enjoy... and I couldn't resist when I came back from the walk, to have another Green smoothie, the one with kiwi, followed by a herbal Tisane that I love = Turmeric, Ginger, Cardamon, Cloves,  Cinnamon) and then after the meditation, and before the discourse, I remembered all the wonderful raw salads that I used to make... with the sprouts and all the greens... yes you might say this is the mind talking... maybe it is... only that I am nourishing my body... and that is what we need to do daily... so I prepared this, and I devoured every bite of it... so slowly and in so much enjoyments.

My colorful raw salad

Raw Photos... enjoying my Green Smoothie

Today's sunset from my balcony

I truly hope your days went as unexpected as mine.... with the flow of the life's energy... with all the synchronicities and messages... (since this am)
and let's see what life has to unfold more from today onward...

It is late now for my usual time to bed, 21:44,  I still have to meditate, and get ready to sleep... & tomorrow is another day!

Love you lots, hope you enjoyed my sharing, and may you all find the peace within... that will guide you through your entire life... and your energy starts multiplying love, generosity, kindness and compassion... always.

Here is tonight's discourse... still two more to go... stay tuned for the magic of life tomorrow!

Date to post May 13 2020
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