Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Day of Metta - Full of Love and Compassion (Day 10 & 11)

Today is May 16th, so Day 10 was yesterday, I had a full day that I didn't write about it on time.

Oh what a wonderful day, full of Metta.

Barely woke up on time for the group sitting at 7 am, as the night before I went late to bed after the meditation. The more and more we meditate, the more and more the words of Metta at the end of the meditation session becomes vibrating.

Oh my, oh my... may all the world live and be in Metta.

Here is the words of the Metta day that I thought about sharing with you... it feels your heart specially after completing all the days of Vipassana. Ref: book - Gem Set in Gold (usually for students who completed their 10 day course)

Practice of metta

May I be free from animosity,
may I be free from aversion,
may I be free from anger,
may I preserve myself happy.

Mother, father, teacher, relatives, and everyone—
may they be free from animosity,
may they be free from aversion,
may they be undisturbed,
may they preserve themselves happy.

Protective devas
devas of the Earth
tree devas
devas of the sky

In the direction of the east,
in the direction of the south-east,
in the direction of the south,
in the direction of the south-west,
in the direction of the west,
in the direction of the north-west,
in the direction of the north,
in the direction of the north-east,
in the direction above,
in the direction below.

All beings, all living ones,
all creatures, all individuals,
 all having any form of life,
all women, all men,
all who have attained purity of mind,
all who have not yet attained purity of mind,
all humans, all non-humans,
all those in celestial realms,
all those in states of woe—
may they be free from animosity,
may they be free from aversion,
may they be undisturbed,
may they preserve themselves happy.

May all beings be happy,
may they all find real security [nibbana],
may all enjoy good fortune,
may they encounter no evil,
may they encounter no grief,
may they encounter no suffering.

Oh, you just feeling like reciting these joyous, miraculous words every minute....

So awaken from that, with all the Metta I had in my heart... I thought as it was cloudy outside, best time to start the outer cleansing...  House cleaning!
The perfect thing to do to feel fresh, and ready for the new beginning.

Pressed the juices for the day, been using the same recipes from before, only this one I added a new type with Oranges. photos below.

Prepared myself, after the cleaning, the shower, the juices, head to my sister's, got to play with the kids, prepared the dinner with my nephew. We made a really nice vegetable mix in the oven; Cauliflower, onions, garlic, potatoes, red and green pepper, spices, like turmeric, provincial herbs, nutmeg, 7 spices, olive oil and avocado oil. All in the oven for 40 min! Yummy... I allowed myself to have that later when we all sat together to eat.

Also prepared another snack before for the kids, I felt so happy cooking preparing and making stuff... lots of Metta was filling my heart... and serving... such a wonderful feeling.

I spent the whole afternoon and evening there... my day was filled, then had home to rest... which was really really later.. Didn't even get the time to watch the discourse. So I am gonna start soon, before I had back again to my sister's again and have a sleep over.

So This morning, Day 11, I woke up also few minutes before the 7 am group sitting, wonderful meditation, followed by questions and answers. I am truly grateful for all the volunteers who plan this on a daily basis... to allow the sitting to be unified, around the world. Even today they had a half day that I couldn't join, as well as tomorrow.

Following the meditation... oh.. I did so much!

1- Juices some Ginger... and Lime...
I have mentioned in the previous posts that I had started to ferment some kombucha, so it was time to bottle them.
With the juicing of Ginger and Lime, I made a batch with Ginger and a batch with the mix. Then I brew more tea - this time Green Tea and Jasmine, and now fermenting a new bath of Kombucha... I think I will keep on doing that as it has a LOT of nutritional benefits.

Following that, I Juiced again, this time I prepared 5 types of Green ColdPressed Juices.
1- Solely Green
2- Green with Kiwi
3- Green with Pear
4- Green with Apple
5- Green with Oranges

Following that I prepared my facial and body cream, with essential oils... I didn't take a photo and they are currently in the Fridge cooling.

I feel this day was a marathon, and it is not done yet. It is only 14:14.

Up to watch the discourse, pack my stuff and food and head to see the family... & maybe prepare dinner.

Maybe I haven't shared details today... only that I have felt every bless of the day so far... I am sure more is about to happen too.... always blessing, always protection and always love.

May you all be happy, May you all be peace


Date to post May 16 2020
21th to publish

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