Monday, March 19, 2012

Mission Accomplished! I did it! We did it!

Yes, I have participated in a brave challenge for the most noble cause, for my friend Dan, for his daughter Isabelle, to support and raise money to help kids with cancer and their families.

March 17, 2012, and for the first time, I have skied for 12 consecutive hours , from 12 noon till 12 midnight. As a team of 4 we did 86 descents, I did almost 28 descents, with all my energy and without any previous training.

Thank you Dan, Eric and Stephan for accomplishing this challenge as a team. I am happy that I have been part of this.

As a team we raised almost $3500, I was able to help in with $1745, for that I want to thank each person who has supported me: Rania, Wasseem, Issam, Thomas and few other anonymous names.
and for your kind messages:
"Tres belle initiative! you go girl!!! best of success to you & your team! two thumbs up!"
"Bon courage, I am proud of you"
"Good luck. These kids will really appreciate what you are doing."

Other moral support came for most of my friends and family, leaving comments on my personal facebook page. THANK YOU!!!

More information about the challenge Leucan Defi Ski:

"It is a 12-Hour Ski Challenge, an annual fundraising activity for skiers and snowboarders. Each team of four must raise $400 in donations for Leucan. It is the total amount raised by the team and not by the individuals that allows the team to participate to the Challenge. The Challenge is a friendly activity for the whole family and for skiers and snowboarders of all ages. Each team member must do a minimum of one descent per hour for 12 consecutive hours, from noon to midnight."

Leucan is an association whose mission is to help cancer-stricken children and their families believe in a brighter future.

The association looks after its families at each phase of the illness by providing specific and adapted services. Leucan is present in all walks of family life whether it be at the hospital, at home, at school, in social life or in the public eye, by means of financial assistance, welcome, emotional assistance and support services, information, hosting and support in playrooms, massage therapy at the hospital and in the region, socio-recreational activities, support groups, school life and end-of-life and bereavement follow-up services.

A following blog will revive the beautiful day and experience we 4 had!

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