Thursday, March 1, 2012

My First Blog

Since this afternoon, March 1, 2012, I have been trying to understand how to start blogging. Creating a new way to communicate about my passion, "Everything RAW", from Raw desserts, Raw ingredients, Raw Love Quotes which I have been inspired to write since December 2011, to practicing Reiki Healing.
As I have started this year with my wonderful quote:

“1-1-2012 and the adventures are starting.
Every day, for 365 days, do something new, for a first time, a service, an activity, a trip, a surprise, anything, bring in the spices to ur life and make it a memorable year! Cheers!!!”
                                     Date: 1-1-2012
I have begun to make changes to my life, and worked on new interesting activities.
My first is participating with Defi Ski. The Ski Challenge 12 h Leucan 2012. 
I will raise my challenge on March 17 at Ski Bromont. I'm going skiing for 12 consecutive hours for children with cancer and their families. Each member of my team of four skiers or snowboarders to do at least a descent hour, from noon to midnight.
My second is starting to do distant Reiki Healing Treatments that  opens up and spreads lots of positive energy around my patients and myself, as I love to be there for anyone that needs to work on their energy and to create a beneficial effect on their physical, emotional and spiritual self.
Thirdly is studying the plan to start up my own company, Raw Marketing Inc. 
Fourthly is creating my twitter account @RAWMarketingInc; where you can follow all my updates and enjoy my raw tweets.
And now, with my blog, I do hope you will enjoy my writings.
Sharing is important for me, for that, I am here to receive your suggestions, answer your questions and comments. You can write me @


  1. When u love something u will go to the end to succeed it,specially when there is in it Love, Passion and Care.
    Good luck dad with ur trip to the new positive and energetic life.
    Best wishes
    Luv u