Friday, March 2, 2012

My Story with Raw!

Raw food came into my life in May 2009, while visiting Boston; a friend suggested we try a new concept raw food restaurant; Grezzo, which has unfortunately closed (though if you check the link it has very good reviews) after a year or so because of the hard work where the chef has decided to focus on other personal work, I guess.

 I wasn’t sure at the start, not being even a vegetarian, I didn't want to get into trying something new on my first day in Boston. But after tasting the food, I was amazed by how we can eat, living food, “uncooked” meals, guilt-free desserts deprived from any animal products, even dairy, which tasted absolutely delicious, with all these pleasant flavors. All that gave me the curiosity to experience this new era of cuisine.

Brownie with Coconut Ice ceam

Mousse au Chocoloat
Since I live in Montreal, digging into finding such cuisine led me to Crudessence. A 4 years old raw vegan restaurant offering delicious gourmet living cuisine, academy classes, and a great learning experience about raw living food. And my journey started.
I had a full time job at that time, where most of my salary was spent at this delicious, cozy, amazing restaurant. Luckily, I saw a posting for a Marketing Director at their site, I directly applied. The posting got canceled. I tried hard getting in their offices for a job, and finally, after 2 years, I did start volunteering by creating marketing projects. 

I have met with most of the team and assisted to most of their academy classes. Jumped into a detox period, October 2011 to experience only raw vegan food, and since, I have been following this type of nutrition, and it feels great, full of energy, strengths and happiness. Eating at their restaurants most of the days, and specially tasting often their desserts brought the idea of creating a new my new blogging about raw vegan desserts.

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