Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RAW Food Tip: Clean out ur fridge or kitchen to motivate u to purity!

Couple of days ago, one of my favorite raw food chef coach sent a tweet about a Raw Food Tip. Which I actually liked, and surprisingly, I was heading this way following my inner inspiration about cleansing and purifying the surrounding. Her tweet was: Clean out your fridge or kitchen to motivate u to purity!

As I am writing, I have someone in the kitchen working on the renovation. It is going to be just perfect to have a new kitchen...
This is how it looks like now, under the renovation
Most of the stuff are outside in the dining room. Now looking forward to a new way of healing and cleansing when it comes to rearranging all the materials, specially when it comes to throwing what ever is old and was hidden in the cupboard. Can't wait for this to happen. Yeyyy!

All the stuff are out
Now with the kitchen's renovation, I can look forward to start preparing different new recipes, as when I started writing, my main focus was desserts, and it is coming my way soon!

I have promised myself to look up for recipes, prepare them myself , take pictures, and post them.

My promise is kept, for me and U.

For now, take the second advice of cleaning your fridge and kitchen, start fresh with the spring, then go in deeply and start the internal cleansing, of your body, soul and spirit.

Live in Harmony, Positivity and Love!

La Reina

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