Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why Raw, why Love and Why Recipes

It is true that the fist time I met Raw was back in May 2009, but the day I fell in Love with Raw was during a full day class in August 2010 @ Crudessence. That day, I have learned so much about living food, health, and feeding our body the right type of food to keep it in harmony, balance and full of energy.

Attending the class with other 20 people, listening to Mathieu, one of Cru's owners, speaking about his experience with his partner David and describing their journey to what lead them to create this idea, the restaurants and the academy is just amazing. Teaching us the meaning of living food; how to treat and feed our body, how to stop torturing our health by eating just to eat; the junk fast food, non healthy diets, and other artificial food, to making a slight change in our eating habits by focusing on incorporating more living food to buying from local market ingredients and/or organic. All for a better living and a better health. Just watching his passion and knowledge about raw food, listening to the realistic information and tasting the "uncooked" food, juices, smoothies and desserts, just blow my mind, heart, emotions and taste senses away.

This was the starting point of my life transformation.

To be honest, I didn't become a raw foodist, only that I have integrated this new nutrition to my daily eating habits. I didn't directly cut the dairy, meat, and fish or even bought organic products. It took me a while to do the switch for pure raw food and organic. But I shifted 95% after the detox class last October 2011. I was and still very much in shape, lost 7 kilos, although I wasn't over weight. I feel great, energetic and full of positivity. If you are wondering about the other 5%, well, as said I love Raw, and it actually is Sushi. I just love it!

Today I mostly get organic or local fruits and veggies, most of the other food ingredients organic. I even actually use organic shampoos, conditioner and toothpaste,  almost a total shift to becoming pure organic raw.

I advise you to give it a try, incorporate the living food in your diet and drink a lot of water, you will feel the difference.

Indulging my body, health and spirit with this right cuisine, lead to bursting a lot of emotions, passion and LOVE. Things around me started looking different. I fell ready to embrace the life with whatever it holds. In addition to working with Reiki and taking Yoga classes, brought up entirely all hidden sensations, feelings and excitements.

I believe the mixture of all lead me to begin writing in December 2011 what I named Raw Love Recipe Quotes.
Raw because it is pure from my heart, thoughts and mind.
Love, because I believe it is around in all life elements, and
Recipe, because I create them by adding my own ingredients.

Recipes of love only grow aphrodisiac when nurtured with chocolates, fruits, nuts and coconuts! This is where the Raw Dessert Recipes is all about. Crafted specially to flourish your life, love and emotions. 

Pamper yourself with a choco taste, guilt -free, and spoil your lover, partner, family member or a friend(s) with the mouthwatering raw desserts gathered by La Reina only for U!


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