Monday, April 16, 2012

3 types of Desserts! I did it!

I couldn't even believe that I have managed to prepare three types of desserts this weekend.
For me, this was a challenge. But I did it, and I am proud!

First people to try the desserts are my family, and they loved it. Now it is my friends' turn, need to work on planning, a "d├ęgustation", a tasting session to take their opinion. I just decided to do it tomorrow! Yey!!!

Today though, I had a meeting for the project I am preparing for this month, and the group have tried my raw desserts,. 9 people have tried the desserts, and they Love it! How exciting! Really proud of my creation!

This is the outcome, whenever I look at the picture, I can't believe that is was my own creation, I can easily imagine that I have bought them from my favorite restaurant Crudessence, but not really, I personally have "un-cooked" these desserts, with Love!

Bon App├ętit!

La Reina


Tarte Choco-Banane
Order to Go!


Tarte Choco-Banane

To tired to design - tomorrow maybe!

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