Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Search for Ingredients and Grocery Shopping

I confess. And I am ready to declare, without any fear, that I am not at all good in distinguishing between some ingredients, neither by the look or the name and I have always had that problem.

Now that I have promised to work on "un-cooking" different recipes for this month and following the readings of the recipes and ingredients, I have decided to educate myself, and maybe you, about it.

By ingredients, I mean everything from Herbs, Spices and Seeds, Nuts and Dried Fruits, to Fruits, Vegetables, Fungi and others... I won't be dealing with ingredients like dairy, meat, fish or poultry cause luckily I don't need to use them in the recipes I am presenting.

How many times have you decided to cook a meal, follow a recipe and didn't really find the ingredients needed or even knew that they actually exist (cause you either never used them, nor had them before, even at regular restaurants-not vegan-, for example: Kale, have you had this at a normal restaurant? in a salad maybe? I haven't before being introduced to raw vegan food.)

Long ago, because I was curious to understand few ingredients, and during my walks in downtown Montreal, I visited probably indigo or chapter bookstore, can't even remember which, and I found this very interesting book: Ingredients by Loukie Werle and Jill Cox. Probably the time has come to actually use this book wisely, check about all the products/ingredients to Start my "Un-Cooking" Journey!

To make it easier and fun, for you and me, I will also prepare a list of all groceries to buy, with their pictures, before the preparation of any dish, post it, so that you will be prepared as well.
I will inform you about the type of ingredient and its benefits.
At the end, the main purpose of this exercise is to know how good it is for our body -

All we are creating here is a way to heal our body, spirit and soul!

Bon App├ętit! & Live in harmony, positivity and love!

La Reina

PS: If you can't find the ingredients in your area, I offer the possibility to buy them and ship them for you, at no extra cost, you only pay the product price and shipment.

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